4th Annual National Moms Nite Out


It’s that time of year again… National Mom’s Nite Out!

This is the 4th year of it’s inception and also the 4th year I’ve planned the event. The last three years have been such an amazing experience of friendship, growth, and delicious food :)

National Mom’s Nite Out is a multi-city event on May 10th.

I’m so pleased to announce that The Capital Grille in Scottsdale is hosting us again this year. They hosted us in 2010 and it was such an amazing experience! Come join us for food, drink, prizes and wonderful take home gift bags! Feel free to pass on the invite to a friend. Tickets are available until our limit is reached… so act quickly and get your ticket now!

Here’s the link:


A big thanks to our friend Kate… who will be the official event photographer and to Sara and Jess for helping me to promote the event.

And of course… our greatest thanks goes out to Maria Bailey, who founded this event. Thank you for reminding us that time in celebration with our friends is a worthwhile and much needed thing!



A Story of Growth in the Blogosphere

I’ve never been so flattered… really. I’m completely humbled by a video that’s come out about me from IFV News. I did a simple interview in New York City at an event not too long ago and it’s turned into this completely amazing video that displays my career from start to now.

One new addition… In the video I talk about monetizing the blog without ad space, by doing paid posts and such. However, I do currently have 2 very special ads on my blog in support of the monthly events I’ve been hosting with Scottsdale Moms Blog. Without community supporters like Cold Stone Creamery and giggle… these events would be very difficult to put on. Attendees don’t pay a dime to enjoy Mom’s Night Out. So thank you… sponsors, community, and IFV for supporting me as move on to make a difference in the social space.

I couldn’t find an embed code… so here is the link: http://www.ifvnews.com/video/ifv-news-kelly-loubet-of-social2b-and-everyday-childhood-lou-bortone-of-online-videopolis-social-media-marketing-and-more

Moms Nite Out Recap

Thursday, May 5th, 2011, was the 3rd annual National Moms Nite Out! This year our event was hosted at Flemings Steakhouse and Wine Bar. I had the pleasure of working with such a generous team there! Lesa and Michael were amazing. They made sure we had everything we needed. They provided us with a serving staff for the food and drinks and tables to stand and to sit and mingle. Somewhere between 75 and 85 ladies showed up!

Lesa had the big screen set up so that the MomTV festivities could be broadcast throughout the room. I had some technical difficulties (part of the territory when doing live web casts) but live and learn right? I took some notes for next time… like the need for a small PA system and more powerful speakers to fill such a large room… but all in all the online audience got a peek into what we were doing at Flemings and I had arranged two special guests to speak to the online viewers. I was happy with that end of the result.

Our special guest that evening was Dr. Robert Mazurek from Impress Skin Care in Scottsdale. He gave a wonderful presentation about caring for our skin and stopping the aging process! He also gave us all full size samples to take home! Thanks Robert! But that’s not all! All of our readers, viewers, and attendees have been given a special Mother’s Day deal: A 3 month supply of the weekly Facial Rounds for $90 (reg. $135) and the first 100 to order… will also receive HydroDEEP Moisturizer, a trial size FoamyFRESH cleanser and a sample PrimeSHADE sunscreen & makeup primer at no additional charge! Share this link with your friends: www.impressskincare.com/mom

Our swag bags included luxurious beach towels from Lands’ End, a package of AA batteries from Rayovac, the brand spankin’ new toy FyrFlyz, and a special offer from Build-a-Bear! Major League Baseball even jumped in and gave away 4 tickets to Fan Fest in July! Our winner couldn’t have been more excited! We had some other amazing sponsors as well… but I will be featuring them at an upcoming event! A huge thank you to Flemings… who gave away wine glass sets, dish sets, and a $100 gift certificate! At the end of the night… I hadn’t eaten and Michael brought me my own steak to take home. How sweet it that? I could’ve cried!

Again… I can’t share with you enough how grateful I am (and all the attending moms) are to Flemings in Scottsdale. Just check out their Facebook Page… the thanks are pouring in. Also… Thank you to my friends at Scottsdale Moms Blog. And to my dear friends: Sara H, Jess, Amy B, Kate, and Monica. Your help was much appreciated. I hope to do this again soon.

Keep following for updates on events and fun things to come!

PlayStation Move: Something For Everyone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.

We are already a gaming family. I grew up on all the old consoles. My family spent hours competing… even my parents. It's truly one of my most vivid family memories.

As a family, we've passed this on to our children. Even at ages 4 and 6… they love a good video game. Especially ones that allow them to express themselves… whether through creativity, sound, or movement!

Here is our dilemma… daddy houses the PlayStation3 in a special room of the house. Nobody plays it but him. We are granted the wondrous opportunity to watch now and then. Sometimes we even gather around in the man cave and watch Blue Ray DVDs on the Playstation3.

If suddenly, one night, my family was graciously given the PlayStation(R)MOVE… things would definitely change in our home. It would level the playing field. Now all of us could play. We wouldn't be limited to the shoot 'em up, adult games that daddy plays on "mute" anymore.

The girls would instantly be in love with "Eye Pet". The Eye Camera takes a virtual shot of your room and a pet beings to romp around and virtually interact with your family. How cool is that? I can hear the squeals of joy already.

I am most excited about "Heavy Rain". I've already been secretly playing it when daddy isn't around. It's intense. My actions and reactions control how the game plays out. I can only imagine how life like it will feel to fend off intruders in my house by my own movements! Thrilling!

The best part of all this is… because we already own a PlayStation3… we can add the PlayStation(R)MOVE for only $99 with the MOVE bundle package!

Someday the package delivery man may knock on my door an bestow all this joy upon my family. Until then… we'll mark it down on our wish list. Oh, and, I'll still be sneaking in the man cave to beat all daddy's scores.

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Tutus For Tanner at BlogHer ’10

Tonight on Sew Krazy at 10pm on MomTv… we’re making tutus! I’m going to teach you how to make your very own tutu… along with the help of my good friend and crafting buddy, Carissa @MultipleMOMents!

Why tutus? Well… BlogHer ’10 is this week in New York City. Many of us are participating in the 5K race. If you’ve been following @HerBadMother on Twitter… you’ve seen that in support of her nephew, Tanner, many bloggers will be wear tutus to set themselves apart and show support for Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy.

What do you need? Carissa suggests you use the tulle on a spool (isn’t that fun to say?) It’s easier to cute than tulle by the yard. You’ll need 3 spools of tulle for an adult tutu. Hobby Lobby sells them for $2.99. You can also buy 1 spool of 100yards in the bridal section for $9.99.

You’ll also need about 2 yards of fun ribbon to decorate and some No-Roll elastic! The only sewing involved will be to secure the ends of the elastic.

If you want to make a tutu that involves no sewing at all… get yourself enough big fat comfy ribbon to tie around your waist. You can make your tutu the same way you would make one with an elastic waistband.

See you tonight!

*awesome tutu photo by ChicagoKristi on Flickr.

Paper Crafting with Open Sky

Tonight on my live webcast… Sew Krazy on MomTv.com… I demonstrated the use of a fantastic paper crafting book in my Open Sky shop by Repro Depot. It’s called Flora.

Flora is a catalog of amazing papers. It comes with a CD for you to print at home or at your favorite specialty store! You can buy a copy of the book by clicking here.

You can watch the replay of tonight’s show… as well as any other show on my MomTv page. http://www.momtv.com/sew-krazy

Tune in next Monday at 10pm EST!

*A big thank you goes out to Kellie’s ScrapLog for inspiration!