Kelly Loubet

Writing comes to me as a natural outlet. I love to share my real life experiences with my readers. I share with them just as I would share with a close friend. That’s what my readers have become to me… close friends.

Join me as I share my favorite products, travels, craft ideas, the trials and the joys our family experiences… all done with an authentic heart… coming from a place of genuine friendship.


If you’re a brand or a PR firm looking for consulting, integrated social campaigns, or a brand advocacy… contact me.

Oh! And… Connect with me on Twitter @Childhood.


*Kelly Loubet is the mother of Rachel (9) and Allison (8), who has Type 1 Diabetes. Kelly is a freelance Social Media Strategist and Community Builder. Kelly is also a dynamic speaker… available to present at conferences and other events on a variety of topics. To find out more about the services that she offers… please visit KellyLoubet.com.