Kids Grow Up

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a meaningful post about my family. When I started this blog, the girls were just babies- really they were toddlers. But in the last decade, we’ve done a lot of growing. Much of it I’ve not even shared here on the blog. I found myself spending more and more time sharing our biggest moments on Facebook and Instagram.

Kids Grow Up

Perhaps it’s the long-form writing that makes it less appealing. I’m not an amazing writer, so the thought of trying to captivate my readers for more than just a snippet is slightly overwhelming. Or maybe I started to feel like what I had to say wasn’t all that interesting after all. Whatever the reason, I’m suddenly struck by the fact that my girls are growing up and I’ve not even scratched the surface of what that journey has been link.

Rachel is in high school this year and Allison in middle school. This is an entirely different stage from where we began. No more reviews about Step2 kitchen play sets or apps for toddlers. No more posts about perfect playdates or children’s birthday party ideas. The content I’d share now would revolve more about how to talk to your kids about sex, drugs, and sadly- suicide and school shootings. I could share about raising a pre-teen with Type 1 Diabetes (No. There is no cure. Yes. She will have it for her whole life. No. Your oils/pill/exercise/diet will not work.). I could also share more about how we’ve managed to raise well-adjusted children between 2 different households- successfully.

Those topics would likely be useful to many, many parents. I find myself talking about all those things with friends over drinks or with parents at volleyball games. And I think to myself, this would make a really great blog post, but I don’t get around to writing it.

Really- I just need to make the time to write and I need to want to write. If both of those things can happen at once… I’d be here. Like I am now. It’s amazing that it’s been over a decade since I published my very first word. Their childhood is nearly over and young adulthood will soon begin. New stages in life for all of us. Maybe a name change or a rebrand is what’s needed? I’ll think it over. In the meantime- I’m pretty pleased that I’ve been able to ramble off 400 words without much effort.

Maybe that’s the key? Write what I want to write and not what I think I’m supposed to write.