Traveling With Teens and Tweens

blended family vacation

Traveling with teens and Tweens can be the most amazing experience ever or the most dreaded. It depends on how you approach it. My best advice? Approach it together. This is a family vacation after all. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your family vacation with teens and tweens.

Choose the destination together.

When choosing your vacation destination, get the input from all family members. This will help to make everyone feel included in the process. As the parent, you know the budget, so give some options for your family to discuss. Narrow it down by listing out the pros and cons of each location. Soon enough, you’ll have come to a consensus on where the family should jet off to! If there’s contention? Consider solving it diplomatically or do what we do- draw from a hat!

Shop for necessities together.

Letting your teens and tweens pick out their travel shampoo and hairspray can make a huge difference in their outlook on the family vacation. When they’re feeling good and looking good while away from home, it’s amazing how attitudes can reflect that feeling! Bring along their favorite snacks, snag a new pair of earbuds, and load up tablets with entertainment. Knowing that you’ve gone the extra mile to make their trip comfortable will make their trip that much better. You might even hear- “Thanks, Mom (or Dad)!”

Plan Activities Just for Them.

Every waking moment of a family vacation doesn’t have to be spent together. If you choose a family resort, like Beaches, there are tons of activities that your teen or tween can do on their own. They may have grown out of Sesame Street, but how about snorkeling? There’s even a teen “night club”, where kids can mingle, dance, and let their hair down for a moment without the whole fam around.