2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Special Needs Kids

Byrds Fore A CureOn the podcast this week, I shared my frustration about how our kids with SMA intellectually outgrow babyish toys, but don’t gain the strength a typical child has in order to operate more age appropriate toys. This is never more a challenge than at the holidays, when friends and family–while thoughtful and generous–buy our kids toys they can’t play with very easily, because they don’t realize how complicated it can be to find just the right fit for our kids! I shared some gift ideas for kids with SMA as they grow up (or for almost any kiddo with a fine motor impairment), based on my experience with my nine-year-old twins.

I’ve collected this holiday gift guide for special needs kids onto my Maven board, to make viewing and shopping them super easy! Give the podcast a listen for the reasons why these items made my list!

Click through to my board to browse the list and even shop, or read here (in order of suggested age):
1. Xylophone
2. Disney Princess MagiClip dolls
3. Kinetic Sand
4. LeapFrog LeapPad
5. Hexbug Nano
6. Orbeez Hand Spa Kit
7. Pokémon trading cards
8. Nintendo 3DS (with two new Pokémon games)
9. Nintendo Wii U
10. Xbox One

If you have other ideas, I’ll include them in our next podcast! Comment here, or email me at cassandra@byrdsforeacure.org!