How To Pack for the Beach: Kids Edition

Our family is heading off to Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos! On my last trip to Beaches… I only had to pack for myself. This time around… I’m bringing the kids! I’ve decided to write How To Pack for the Beach: Kids Edition to spark some ideas for those of you taking advantage of that last bit of warmth on the beach before winter arrives.

I’d like to disclose that this is not a sponsored trip. Attendees were selected by invitation. By accepting the invite, I agreed to purchase a conference pass and pay for our own airfare. You can follow along by searching hashtag #BeachesMoms #BeachesDads on Instagram or Twitter.

Packing for kids isn’t easy. My girls are at the age where they are getting more particular about what they choose to wear. Below, you’ll find what we’ve decided is appropriate for the upcoming beach vacation. I’ve followed the “capsule wardrobe” method. These pieces can all be mixed and matched to create additional outfits during your vacation!

Kids Beach Capsule Wardrobe

I created this set using Polyvore. I’m not an active user, but it sure does help to plan out a vacation wardrobe! I wrote a post last year, on how to pack for a beach vacation as an adult. I used used the capsule wardrobe method for my suitcase as well. Check it out! It’s an easy way to pack for a weeklong trip to the beach!