Water Park Woes: A Wet Tale of a Water Slide and My iPhone

Picture this:  It’s a hot, sunny mid-summer day in Phoenix.  I dropped about a hundred bucks on admission tickets to the local water park so that my child and I could eat five dollar popcorn and drink seven dollar sodas while we wait in lines for forty-five minutes each–behind neck tattoos and women with very ambitious bathing suit fashion–in order to experience a ninety second trip down a water slide.

It costs seven bucks to rent a locker there for the day, but I perfected the art of not needing a locker: put sunblock on at home, bring old beach towels which you wouldn’t cry if they were stolen, and bring a plastic baggie with your phone, car key and cash inside of another plastic baggie (to prevent any water from getting in).

That was a great plan, until that ninety second water slide thrust me so furiously into the pool at the end that my bag escaped from my hands and submerged completely.  My cash got wet, but it dried.  My car key became wet, but it still worked.  My phone, though.  My phone never fully recovered.

I have bitter memories of that day and swore off water parks and beaches because of that experience.

And then yesterday I noticed this on SkyMall:  a waterproof phone case with a strap and lanyard.

BE STILL MY HEART!  And just in time for summer!  $59 is much cheaper than the replacement cost for my iPhone!

Waterproof case for iPhone
Waterproof case for Samsung



I do not have personal experience with this product (yet) and have not been compensated for this post.  I just think some of you folks would appreciate such an innovative product to make your lives easier this summer.  Happy Water Parking!


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  1. Kelly says:

    I”m totally going to check this thing out!