I Don’t Usually Do This…

I don’t typically share press releases… but this one crossed my inbox and I felt like it was a good one to share. It’s about Youth Soccer. It’s particularly about AYSA (Arizona Youth Soccer Association). I have  a soft sport for youth sports. Ever since I was small… I was playing sports. Swimming since age 2… softball from around age 5… basketball in grade school. I stuck with these sports all through high school and even into competitive adult sports.

Youth sports helped to shape who I am today. They helped me to see the value of drive and ambition and created a healthy competitive nature in me. Playing sports taught me how to lose gracefully and try harder next time. I learned to celebrate my wins and be proud of the hard work I had put into it. I even learned to feel empathy when I was the winner… looking at the losing team in their defeat. I knew what it felt like to train so hard… only to lose the game. I look back on my time playing sports as the most positive time in my life. I know that I was priviliged to even get to play at all.

That’s why I’m writing this. Many children aren’t privilieged enough to be able to play sports. It’s expensive to play sports… not just the equipment needed… but physical exams and registration fees add up too. I am so happy to share that the Max in Motion Foundation™ has donated $160,000 in scholarship money to AYSA for athletes in financial need. This means that 465 players will be able to participate in youth soccer for the 2013-2014 season. It’s the single largest donation in AYSA history.

And THAT… is worth writing about.

To read the entire press release… click here.

MAXINMOTION™ was founded in memory of Max Shacknai, who embodied the ideal young athlete: passionate, hard working and incredibly committed to his teammates. To learn more, or to contribute, please visit: www.maxinmotion.org