Sneaky Kid

Last night at bedtime:

Six year old daughter:  Mom, I know your real name.  It’s Cassandra.

Me, tucking her into bed:  Welp, you’ve uncovered my big secret.  Yes, that’s my name.

Daughter:  We won’t tell anyone else.  Just you and me know this secret.

Daughter:  You should tell me your Amazon password and your iTunes password.  I will keep it very secret when you tell me.

Me, pretending to contemplate:  I don’t think so.  I wouldn’t want you to use my password to buy things in secret.

Daughter:  You just wait.  Nobody can resist this.

And then she smiled so huge that I thought her lips were going to crack, and I couldn’t figure out where she learned such salesmanship.

And then I maintained my perfect record of not giving her my passwords.