Back To School

The twins entered first grade this year.  They are in separate classrooms.  I am all for this.  Even though they are fraternal twins, separating them at school feels like the right choice–I hate to keep them away from each others’ best friend all day, but to academically thrive and achieve on their own and not as a team is something that needs to happen and something I look forward to enjoying.


They come home from school and we empty their homework folders.  The house gets loud, the phone rings, I try to keep stacks of homework worksheets straight but guess what?  I’m just not that good.  Homework gets piled up into a frustrating mix of assignments and as I sort through them I can’t figure out which worksheet belongs to which twin.

My twins are not the first twins to attend school.  I’m sure lots of twins attend school.  I don’t want to reinvent the wheel or anything, but maybe teachers could arrange for the students to write their name on their papers before they leave the classroom.  They’ve had just one week of homework and I’ve already had one kid finish the other kid’s homework just so that I could check off a to-do.  I’m trying, but my trying is trickier than just writing their names on homework worksheets.

I don’t know.  I’m just frustrated.  NAMES ON PAPERS PLEASE.  It’s all I ask.


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