Whats App, Doc?

Lately I’ve experienced an disruption in my wireless service because I’m deep inside a hospital, some government building, or a major sporting venue  (coughcough, T-Mobile).  Sometimes can’t even send a text, which I would think requires the least amount of connection to my wireless network and yet it still doesn’t always work.

The great news is that usually these big buildings have wi-fi and advertise it.  It seems bizarre that I would be able to access the entire internet from my phone before I could send a simple text, so I suppose I’d run things differently if I were in charge.  Enter Whats App, a popular messaging service (It was free for the first year for me, but I see it comes with a nominal charge now) available for iPod and Android.  Whats App is powered by wi-fi, so I can still send messages from my phone inside an elevator two floors beneath the main gates at Chase Field, or send updates to family from the furthest bed in the vast black hole that is our hospital’s emergency rooms.

I don’t use Whats App exclusively–and when I do use it, I’m limited to messaging only my contacts who also have the app which is not necessarily all of my contacts list.  Given that summer has just begun and therefore too a fresh season for attending sporting events and for kids to fall out of trees and injuring themselves, I wanted to share this gem of an app with my fellow parents.  Whats App can also be used to message (to text, essentially) for free people not in my country!  Sayonara, you sixty-five cent fees for goofing off with my friends in Canada!














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