Product Review and Giveaway: SweetShine™ Girls Doll

One of the perks of being a blogger is being asked to review really great products before most of the public has their hands on them. I love being first! I love the feeling of having a part in how a product is developed and marketed. And I love sharing with all of you what I really think about a product.

Recently… we were sent a couple of super cute dolls from the makers of ZhuZhu Pets. Remember those? We actually reviewed those toys when they first came out too and they were a worldwide phenomenon! My girls are pretty picky about their toys, but they ripped these open right away. The dolls are called SweetShine™ Girls. Each doll comes with a “secret shine symbol” that is revealed in the dark. The idea behind the secret shine symbol is to encourage young girls to let their inner aspirations shine through. They have cutesy little names (which my girls… ages 7 and 8… didn’t care for) but aesthetically… they are fantastic!

sweetshine girls

SweetShine™ Girls are colorful, fashionable and they light up! An unexpected perk? Their heads pop off and can be swapped. Allison discovered that. Leave it to Allison to find a way to mix and match! Anyway… immediately… we were playing with the accessories. The dolls come with a purse, shoes, bracelets, removable outfits and sparkly little hair charms that poke into their heads. They even come with a pet!

Most of these accessories are really just bonus pieces. The accessories with the most use are the sparkly hair decorations. The SweetShine™ Girls have little holes in their hair-dos that the decorative charms fit in. Turn out the lights… and she glows! (Now I have Vanilla Ice stuck in my head)

The dolls are made of a material that’s reminiscent of jellies. They’re not huggable. They’re just exciting and fun! My girls enjoyed swapping accessories (and heads) and then shutting off the lights to create a light show on the ceiling. Overall… they really like this toy and have played with it over and over. (Especially when I make them a blanket fort!)

So… If you have a girly girl at home that would love a combination of sparkles. fashion and lights… SweetShine™ Girls would be a perfect gift. SweetShine™ Girls are only currently available at major retailers in the Phoenix, AZ area. But… you can WIN one here and now!

Just leave me a comment on what sort of features draw your child to a toy.

This contest closes on Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 at midnight pacific time. I’ll randomly choose a winner on July 3rd!

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