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Exclusive Sneak Peek of Disney’s New Movie: Frozen

Love sneak peeks? I’ve got one for you! Be one of the first to see the trailer for Disney’s newest animated film, Frozen. The Weather Channel and Walt Disney Animation Studios, have come together to create a first of its kind preview! For one day only… On June 18th, viewers can see the upcoming trailer online at or on The Weather Channel apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

disney frozen

In Frozen, the optimistic and fearless Anna, sets off on an adventure of epic proportions! She teams up with a man of the mountains named, Kristoff and his trusty reindeer, Sven in order to find her sister Elsa, whose powers have trapped the kingdom in an eternal winter. They encounter freezing conditions, mystical trolls, and a silly snowman named Olaf, as they battle the elements in order to save the kingdom!

The details of the characters and setting have been very hush hush. I did some detective work and found a few scant reviews of what’s been leaked online so far. Many animation enthusiasts feel as if this could be Disney’s greatest work of art yet… while others are torn over the fact that Anna looks very much like Rapunzel.

I think the most striking feature of Frozen could be the fact that the villain appears to be the beautiful sister of Anna… Elsa. We’ve not yet seen a truly beautiful villain and I can only hope that Disney keeps her as a true villain and doesn’t try to make her compete with a long line of gorgeous princesses. From what I’ve seen so far.. Elsa could truly be the first stand-out villain for Disney! Is it weird to cheer for the popularity of a villain? :)

Anyway… The trailer will only be available tomorrow (June 18th) exclusively on The Weather Channel online or via app. Check it out and let me know what you think!



*Note: I was not prompted or compensated to write this post. I’m simply sharing information from a press release that came out today in regards to Disney’s latest animated film, Frozen. Enjoy!

Disney/Pixar Monsters University: SCAR101 Intro to Scaring

I’ve  had a really great time following the social campaign for Monsters University and thought I’d share my favorite highlights with you! This post is unpaid and unprompted… It’s just something I’ve been wanting to write!

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Disney/Pixar Monsters University… I’ve been reading up on my scare tactics! A group of my real-life bloggy friends (who happen to be the writers of my favorite family blogs) have been attending events all over the country. Their reports have been amazing… as if I was there myself! (And often times I wish I was!)

So… I decided to do a round up of sorts. A little Intro to Scaring (SCAR101)! Hehe…

It all started for me on Instagram. I am an Instagram addict! The photos coming in from real-life Arizona friends Becca, Sara and former Arizonan, Amy, were enough to make me ache for a Dole Whip followed by several loops around the Matterhorn!

photo (4)

Follow Sara @Momendeavors, Becca @beccaludlum, and Amy @amybarseghian on Instagram. (They have the same handles on Twitter!)

Right away… I was hooked on the #MonstrousSummer hash tag and took to Twitter to follow along with the fun! My favorite tweets revolved around the early morning and late night excitement! There nothing like a 4am churro to start the day… or end it? :)

Then I took to the blogs.

My good friend Amy @ResourcefulMom experienced a whirlwind trip full of coast to coast Disney goodness! She and her daughter had the experience of a lifetime traveling from Florida to California in order to be a part of Disney’s 24 hour Monstrous Summer Fun! What a trip that must’ve been! Her trip recap can be found HERE.

OC Moms Blog has been sharing all kinds of Disney goodness leading up to the upcoming movie premier. Shelby Barone and Amy Barseghian, were part of an exclusive screening of Monsters University. According to the post… the kids were sharing their best scare tactics while waiting in line. The older children reminisced about Monsters Inc and were excited to see how their favorite characters originally met!

Over at Mom Endeavors… Sara shared a very detailed (and entertaining) recap of her Disney Social Media Moms experience so far. I wish I had been able to attend this event. When I got the invite to head to Florida… I was so excited! But the flight for the girls and I to Florida from Arizona was a bit out of my reach. (Another reason I’m in love with California!) But… I’m already saving up for next year! I can’t miss that kind of fun for my family! Anyway… Sara takes amazing photos. She makes it feel as if you are right there with her. Her family had a fabulous time… you can see it on their faces! But I guess that’s what Disney does for families… it lights up their faces with a joy that can’t be found anywhere else.

One of the most informative posts I read, was from Becca at My Crazy Good Life. She shares a tour of Disney and points out attractions that you may have never thought of taking your kids on… like the canoe rides! I’m totally going to do that next time I find myself at Disney!

Disney holds a very special place in my heart. I’ve been to Disneyland well over 30 times. My family took our vacation there every November… right as the park unveiled the Christmas decorations. I’ve continued the tradition with my girls. They’ve been there 4 and 5 times respectively. Rachel was only 9 months old on her first trip! It wasn’t until 2 years ago… that I wasn’t able to get us to Disneyland. But I can’t wait for the next opportunity to get us there again…

disney girls

Baby’s First Cell Phone: What’s the Right Age?

*A Note from Kelly: Yay! We have a new guest post! It’s been a while since we’ve had a dad in the house! Javier Sanchez works from home as a software engineer so he can spend more time with his kids. Writing about cloud technology and advancements in the digital world are his specialties. I’m hoping that you enjoy this article as much as I did. I just recently got my girls their first phone at age 8. We have established very tight rules on it… but so far… giving them phones has been a really smart move for us. Now… read on… 

Close-up of a woman sending a text lying on a sofa

A friend of mine received a letter recently from her 11-year-old son, outlining quite succinctly why he should have a cellphone of his own. While we giggled at his adult-like organization and tenacity, his mother debated whether 11 was really old enough to be responsible with a cellphone.

According to Consumer Reports magazine, nearly six out of six out of 10 tweens, kids between the ages of 8 and 12, have a cellphone provided by their parents, and WebMD reports that twice as many kids have cellphones today as had them in 2004. However, deciding what’s right for your particular child can be difficult.

Arguments for getting your child a cellphone

Most parents (84 percent) cite safety as their primary reason for getting their son or daughter a cellphone, according to the Consumer Reports study. There’s no denying the convenience of being able to reach your child without fuss and having them be able to reach you in an emergency. Having a cellphone also helps teach children responsibility. They have to keep track of the phone and they are responsible for checking in with parents.

Concerns about children and cellphones

One of the concerns surrounding children and cellphones involves the radiation emitted from the devices. Though the amount is quite a bit less than one would receive by getting an X-ray, WebMD points out that little research has been done on the effects of cellphones to developing brains. They also cite concerns about cellphones interrupting sleep and the fact that 28 percent of all traffic accidents are caused by drivers texting or making a cellphone call.

Sexting (sending nude or semi-nude pictures via a cellphone) is another big concern. Such pictures can have long-lasting consequences, such as affecting job chances and even landing the child in jail. suggests telling your child not to post anything she wouldn’t be comfortable having her grandmother see. The possibility of sexting also makes a good argument for getting your child a “no frills” phone. Many T-mobile cellphones, for example, can be set up to block certain websites, messages, international call and more.

Saving money on your child’s cellphone

Once you decide that your child is ready for his or her own phone, find a phone and a plan that best fits your budget. Most kids want the latest smartphone, but savvy parents are looking to find the most affordable, basic cellphone and calling plan available. Ask your service provider about any parental control services that it offers to find out how to limit web surfing and prevent excessive texting, to prevent sky-high phone bills.

Getting a cellphone for your child doesn’t have to break the budget. According to Consumer Reports, 92 percent of parents surveyed pay less than $75 per month for their child’s calling plan. Eschew the bells and whistles like Web access. Most kids can access the Internet both at home and school; do they really need Web capability on their phone? Prepaid phone plans can also help you keep a handle on your child’s phone usage. Such plans have gotten a lot more sophisticated in the past few years and now most offer texting and/or data plans.

Deciding to buy your child a cellphone is a big decision. Take your time to weigh the pros and cons. You can take comfort in the fact that 89 percent of the parents in the Consumer Reports study were happy they had chosen to buy the phone.

Do your kids have phones? What went into the decision making process? And… if  your kids don’t have phones… When will you take the leap!?

Liking Yourself is Harder Than You Think


I’m supposed to write about things I like about myself this month… but it’s more difficult than I imagined it would be. Even my video for this month was a simple walk through of the new Lean & Healthy Kit that I received. It’s difficult to talk about the things I love about myself, when other forces in my life are at work to tear me down.

I’m feeling overwhelmed. Time is shorter. I have more on my plate. The gym was once a top priority and in this third month… I found my priorities shifting. Work tops the gym. Sleep tops the gym. Time with my kiddos tops the gym.

The gym weighs on my heart and makes me feel guilty.

I’ve wanted to take on running. I stated that in my month 2 post and video. Did I do it? No. Not really. I did realize that the treadmill holds me back and I’d much rather run outside. I’m missing appropriate shoes now. What a ridiculous thing to hold me back.

Waking up at 5:30 am with the cool morning sun and playing Candy Crush on my phone makes me feel icky about myself.


It’s becoming very easy to write the things I don’t like about myself. But that’s not my assignment. My assignment is to share the things I do like about myself. It’s just so hard to find those things with the dark and disheartening things rise to the top. But will try. I need to try.

  • I like that I’m a good friend.
  • I like that I’m a giving soul.
  • I like my new hair cut.
  • I like that I choose joy.
  • I like my toes.
  • I like that I am learning to give myself permission to fail.

What do you like about yourself? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to learn more about you.



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Locks From Our Lovelies!

Yesterday was a wonderful, inspiring day around these parts.  Kelly’s oldest daughter and my youngest daughter wanted short hair for the hot summer weather and both girls wanted to donate their clippings to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization which accepts donations of hair in order to make wigs for children with medical hair loss.  It was a sweet, compassionate gesture on the part of our kiddos and we are so proud of them!













That’s FORTY INCHES of hair on it’s way to Locks of Love!


And many thanks to Jennifer at Knotty Image Salon for so much enthusiasm and patience with us yesterday!


Cassandra can be found on Twitter @aclevergirl.  Learn more about her family’s unique challenges and why they have hope for a cure for muscular dystrophy at