Liking Yourself is Harder Than You Think


I’m supposed to write about things I like about myself this month… but it’s more difficult than I imagined it would be. Even my video for this month was a simple walk through of the new Lean & Healthy Kit that I received. It’s difficult to talk about the things I love about myself, when other forces in my life are at work to tear me down.

I’m feeling overwhelmed. Time is shorter. I have more on my plate. The gym was once a top priority and in this third month… I found my priorities shifting. Work tops the gym. Sleep tops the gym. Time with my kiddos tops the gym.

The gym weighs on my heart and makes me feel guilty.

I’ve wanted to take on running. I stated that in my month 2 post and video. Did I do it? No. Not really. I did realize that the treadmill holds me back and I’d much rather run outside. I’m missing appropriate shoes now. What a ridiculous thing to hold me back.

Waking up at 5:30 am with the cool morning sun and playing Candy Crush on my phone makes me feel icky about myself.


It’s becoming very easy to write the things I don’t like about myself. But that’s not my assignment. My assignment is to share the things I do like about myself. It’s just so hard to find those things with the dark and disheartening things rise to the top. But will try. I need to try.

  • I like that I’m a good friend.
  • I like that I’m a giving soul.
  • I like my new hair cut.
  • I like that I choose joy.
  • I like my toes.
  • I like that I am learning to give myself permission to fail.

What do you like about yourself? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to learn more about you.



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