Exclusive Sneak Peek of Disney’s New Movie: Frozen

Love sneak peeks? I’ve got one for you! Be one of the first to see the trailer for Disney’s newest animated film, Frozen. The Weather Channel and Walt Disney Animation Studios, have come together to create a first of its kind preview! For one day only… On June 18th, viewers can see the upcoming trailer online at weather.com or on The Weather Channel apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

disney frozen

In Frozen, the optimistic and fearless Anna, sets off on an adventure of epic proportions! She teams up with a man of the mountains named, Kristoff and his trusty reindeer, Sven in order to find her sister Elsa, whose powers have trapped the kingdom in an eternal winter. They encounter freezing conditions, mystical trolls, and a silly snowman named Olaf, as they battle the elements in order to save the kingdom!

The details of the characters and setting have been very hush hush. I did some detective work and found a few scant reviews of what’s been leaked online so far. Many animation enthusiasts feel as if this could be Disney’s greatest work of art yet… while others are torn over the fact that Anna looks very much like Rapunzel.

I think the most striking feature of Frozen could be the fact that the villain appears to be the beautiful sister of Anna… Elsa. We’ve not yet seen a truly beautiful villain and I can only hope that Disney keeps her as a true villain and doesn’t try to make her compete with a long line of gorgeous princesses. From what I’ve seen so far.. Elsa could truly be the first stand-out villain for Disney! Is it weird to cheer for the popularity of a villain? :)

Anyway… The trailer will only be available tomorrow (June 18th) exclusively on The Weather Channel online or via app. Check it out and let me know what you think!



*Note: I was not prompted or compensated to write this post. I’m simply sharing information from a press release that came out today in regards to Disney’s latest animated film, Frozen. Enjoy!