Instagram, Deleted Accounts and The Evil Empire

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*UPDATE: A local friend… account was deleted… has been restored!

It’s happening. Instagram accounts are being randomly deleted. Or are they? Some say it’s an Internet hoax. Others say it’s a glitch. I see some not so random connections.  I’ve done a little bit of research on this since it started appearing in my Facebook feed yesterday. This morning, accounts that I follow are no longer there. These users are upset and confused. Yet… users on forums I’ve been reading… report that they do understand why their accounts were deleted. Let’s break it down.

*Note… this is all complete assumption and connecting-the-dot-iness. The deletion of Instagram accounts could be completely a fluke, a hack, a glitch etc.

1. The account is posting content that doesn’t belong to them.

I’ve seen many Instagram users post images that don’t belong to them. For example, a super awesome inspirational graphic with a quote on it. The problem with this is… the content creator doesn’t get any credit. If this were done on Pinterest… the photo would at least be clickable and take the reader to the originating blog (or whatever). On Instagram it’s now a static graphic and it’s essentially been “stolen”. That’s a harsh word. I know. But if you’ve ever had a blog post plagiarized or an image lifted… you know what I mean. Don’t post content that you didn’t create. I’ve made may fun graphics using my own photos. Give it a shot! There are tons of photo apps that will make you a graphic rockstar.

2. The account is inactive.

This is a stretch… but… word on the street is… if you don’t use your Instagram built in camera enough… your account becomes inactive. What does that mean? Well… Instagram has a camera feature. They want you to take photos and use their built in filters/editing features. There is an option to import photos from your library. To me… if you use that function… you’re still active. So this theory is a stretch but does make sense on some levels… if the account is guilty of #1.

3. The account is farming followers.

This happens a lot. We’ve all seen it. “Follow me and get 1,000 new followers!” To some people… this is tempting. Don’t do it. You’re compromising your account and your integrity. In the wake of last night’s realization that lots of people I know had deleted accounts… I was seeing re-posts of graphics stating that in order to save your account…. repost this photo and tag @abc123. Don’t do it! You’re just helping @abc123 to farm followers and take advantage of the “crisis”. A user can change their Instagram account name at anytime. by now… @abc123 is now @KittensGalore and they’re sharing photos of cute kitties and they have thousands of followers. Don’t compromise your account or your integrity as a content creator.

Bottom line?

Do your research before you flip out. If you’re worried? Get rid of anything you feel might be compromising.

Back up your photos. I use the feature that also stores the photo in my iPhone photo library. It’s free! You can also set up IFTT and send your photos to Drop Box. This will end up costing you money though. I take A LOT of photos!

Do you have any feedback on any of this? Again… I’m completely speculating. But there is a common thread from what I’ve seen and read so far.

*much love and many Huggles*