Have you seen my Easter egg?

Apparently half the country is dealing with blizzards and stuff, which is weird to me because we’re sweating down here in the desert southwest.  So what are all the parents down here stressing about this week?  If you answered “Easter”, you are correct!

So everyone, attend to your Easter errands, celebrations, and obligations.  Go on, I’ll wait.  BUT–when you’re done with all that stuff, do yourself a favor and buy up all the extra egg dyeing supplies at the grocery store.  This stuff costs what, like a couple bucks?  And how insane do your children make you in the dead heat of summer when there is not a darned thing to do indoors?  Is there anything wrong with colorful hard boiled eggs in June?  Are you catching what I’m throwing down here?

There’s not a kid in my neighborhood who doesn’t LOVE dyeing hard boiled eggs.  So hey you, be the hero.  Buy up all the egg dyeing hardware NOW–your mid-summer self with a household full of bored kids will LOVE you for it.  It’s the cheapest craft project EVER.

Eight years of being a mom during the summer months hasn’t been for nothing.  Let me share all this hard-earned wisdom with you.  You don’t even have to give me credit for it.  This is all you, sista.  I am serious as a heart attack.  As a myocardial infarction, even.  Do it.  Dooooo it.

eggs1 eggs2 eggs3 eggs4



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