Connected in the Digital Age: Working Mom Style.

Working in Social Media Marketing has me attending a lot of events and going out of town frequently. I’m often left wondering if the cats have been fed, if the garage door was closed, if the front door was locked after the kids ran out the door for the bus…

Being a working mom on the go isn’t easy… especially when we have things to take care of at home while we’re away. The safety of my family is always on my mind. Having the Cox Home Security System installed has been a huge help in relieving my worried mind. I’ve been using the mobile app constantly since we had the system installed last month.

My favorite example? While I was away a couple of weeks ago… I was able to look in on the cameras from my phone app and see my daughters playing on the back patio. It made me smile to see them safe and happy. I even took a screen shot from my phone :)


And now… for a working mom scary parenting confession.

My Cox Home Security System let me know that my kids were safe at home after school… although they were home alone. I don’t leave my kids home alone. They aren’t old enough (I don’t think). But on a recent half-day… there was a mix up in who would be meeting them at the school bus stop. After a few minutes of panic and crying as I raced home from work… Their dad sent me a text letting me know that the garage was showing “open” on the Cox Home Security app and that he saw Allison on the front door camera.

Even though I felt like a horrible parent for not knowing where my children were for that brief moment… I was able to find some comfort in knowing that they were indeed at home and safe. My arrival in the driveway was followed by many hugs and kisses and promises to do my best to never let this happen again.

But… should it happen again… I know where to find my first clue that all is well.

How do you stay connected in the digital age when you’re away? Do you have any parenting confessions you’re willing to share?



*Note- I have the pleasure of test driving Cox Home Security for a year. I have been compensated for my time. All views and opinions are my own and I value my integrity. I value YOU as my community and would never post anything that would compromise that.