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Connected in the Digital Age: Working Mom Style.

Working in Social Media Marketing has me attending a lot of events and going out of town frequently. I’m often left wondering if the cats have been fed, if the garage door was closed, if the front door was locked after the kids ran out the door for the bus…

Being a working mom on the go isn’t easy… especially when we have things to take care of at home while we’re away. The safety of my family is always on my mind. Having the Cox Home Security System installed has been a huge help in relieving my worried mind. I’ve been using the mobile app constantly since we had the system installed last month.

My favorite example? While I was away a couple of weeks ago… I was able to look in on the cameras from my phone app and see my daughters playing on the back patio. It made me smile to see them safe and happy. I even took a screen shot from my phone :)


And now… for a working mom scary parenting confession.

My Cox Home Security System let me know that my kids were safe at home after school… although they were home alone. I don’t leave my kids home alone. They aren’t old enough (I don’t think). But on a recent half-day… there was a mix up in who would be meeting them at the school bus stop. After a few minutes of panic and crying as I raced home from work… Their dad sent me a text letting me know that the garage was showing “open” on the Cox Home Security app and that he saw Allison on the front door camera.

Even though I felt like a horrible parent for not knowing where my children were for that brief moment… I was able to find some comfort in knowing that they were indeed at home and safe. My arrival in the driveway was followed by many hugs and kisses and promises to do my best to never let this happen again.

But… should it happen again… I know where to find my first clue that all is well.

How do you stay connected in the digital age when you’re away? Do you have any parenting confessions you’re willing to share?



*Note- I have the pleasure of test driving Cox Home Security for a year. I have been compensated for my time. All views and opinions are my own and I value my integrity. I value YOU as my community and would never post anything that would compromise that.


Prom. Part Two. The Reveal.

This past weekend, I was invited to attend a prom fashion show on behalf of The Everywhere Society. I do some work with them on occasion and this sounded like it could be a lot of fun! The show was hosted by Jamie Krell. She’s a frequent fashion contributor on news segments all over the country… Including The Today Show and E! There was a large crowd and cupcakes were served. I thought that was really cute. Macy’s even gave out $10 gift cards to attendees who tweeted about the event.

The trends were clear: high/low hemline (lovingly called the “mullet dress” on Twitter), the short dress with the long sheer overlay and *bling*!


In my previous post… I asked you what you might do differently if you could do prom all over again. You shared some really great memories with me. It’s time for me to share some with you. I made some unfortunate formal wear choices throughout high school. I feel as if I was always trying to look older. Or something? I have no idea. I’ve never been super fashionable. I was an athlete. I felt more comfortable in my basketball jersey than a formal dress.

photo(11)If I were going to do my prom days all over again… I’d live out my fantasy of wearing a formal gown while riding a motor scooter. I’d probably go to prom alone and enjoy the time with my friends rather than wonder where my date was. I’d take more pictures! And… I’d dress my age. I’d wear something fun and sparkly! I’d go BRIGHT!

photo(13)I’d love to hear more of your prom memories. What was yours like and what would you do differently?




Note: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with compensation for my time on this project. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.



If you could do it all over again… would you? Would you change the way you did your hair? Would you go with someone different? Or maybe have the confidence to go without a date at all? Would you skip the limo and rent motor scooters instead? (Ok… maybe I’m the only one with that secret fantasy.)

How about your dress? Would you choose a different dress?


Tomorrow, March 23, at 2pm, Macy’s is hosting a special prom fashion event. I’ll be at Scottsdale Fashion Square learning about the latest in prom fashion (and going out fashion). This will be good for me… because lately… my going out fashion has been dark wash jeans, heels, and a sparkly top. Surely there is more to nightlife fashion than that.

I’ll also be reliving my prom dress decision. You can follow along on Twitter with @Macys #MacysProm13 #Scottsdale.

Tune in later this week to see what I wore the first time around and what I’d choose today if I could do it all over again.

PS: Thank you to someecards for this awesome graphic.



Note: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with compensation for my time on this project. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

Have you seen my Easter egg?

Apparently half the country is dealing with blizzards and stuff, which is weird to me because we’re sweating down here in the desert southwest.  So what are all the parents down here stressing about this week?  If you answered “Easter”, you are correct!

So everyone, attend to your Easter errands, celebrations, and obligations.  Go on, I’ll wait.  BUT–when you’re done with all that stuff, do yourself a favor and buy up all the extra egg dyeing supplies at the grocery store.  This stuff costs what, like a couple bucks?  And how insane do your children make you in the dead heat of summer when there is not a darned thing to do indoors?  Is there anything wrong with colorful hard boiled eggs in June?  Are you catching what I’m throwing down here?

There’s not a kid in my neighborhood who doesn’t LOVE dyeing hard boiled eggs.  So hey you, be the hero.  Buy up all the egg dyeing hardware NOW–your mid-summer self with a household full of bored kids will LOVE you for it.  It’s the cheapest craft project EVER.

Eight years of being a mom during the summer months hasn’t been for nothing.  Let me share all this hard-earned wisdom with you.  You don’t even have to give me credit for it.  This is all you, sista.  I am serious as a heart attack.  As a myocardial infarction, even.  Do it.  Dooooo it.

eggs1 eggs2 eggs3 eggs4



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