“Odysseo”? More like “OdysseWOW” (see what I did there?)

Kelly and I attended our first Cavalia performance in Scottsdale last week–an “equestrian ballet” called Odysseo.  Based on some commercials I’ve seen I have referred to it as “It’s Cirque du Soleil, but with horses!”  And it is like Cirque du Soleil but with horses.  But now that we’ve seen it in person?  It was so much more.  I felt like a kid at her first Disneyland Electric Light Parade–eyes wide, jaw dropped, clapping, speechless.  Who are these people?  Who thought of this?  How do they DO it?

My favorite part was the African dancers.  They performed in between the magnificent horse segments, and with the music and their drums and the astounding acrobatics I personally think they stole the show.  Getting horses to behave and perform is a big deal, but to continuously back-flip as if springs are on your feet?  Some of them literally had springs on their feet.  The audience loved it!

I’m a believer.  I’m not even a “horse person”, but I will see this show every year from now on.  I usually take my daughters to the  Nutcracker ballet every December, but this event has me thinking about creating a new tradition.  We didn’t bring our children with us this time, but there were plenty of families there and plenty of wheelchair accessible seating.  I can’t wait for next year, and to watch my children’s faces as they absolutely delight in everything that Cavalia  of delivers.  It really is a feast for the eyes!    I bet could see Odyseeo in particular a dozen times and never be bored.

I mostly am annoyed at myself for taking so long to finally attend a performance.  If you ever have the opportunity, I encourage you to check it out.  The kiddos would enjoy it for sure, but I’m also thinking about making it a date night–maybe consider upgrading your tickets to the hospitality tent.  You can’t go wrong.  But you CAN bet on finding us here next time.  This show is too awesome to ever miss!


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