No words.

I am a parent of twins who are in kindergarten.  I volunteer in their classrooms with their teachers, aides, and classmates every week.  I experienced a visceral reaction to the Newtown, CT grade school shooting.  Days later I still can’t wrap my brain around any of it.  I don’t bear the burden that any professional educator might, in terms of processing this tragedy, but still I can’t stop imagining and visualizing and I am beside myself.

Instead, I shall impart a reminder to you:  nothing in this life is certain.  Not a thing.  Not you waking up tomorrow, not your spouse having a job tomorrow.  Not your son being a star on his team tomorrow.  Not your daughter being on the honor roll tomorrow.

Terrible stuff happens all the time.  Accidents happen.  Crimes happen.  Diagnoses happen.  Good things happen, too.

Value every single day.  A sick day, a healthy day.  In a hospital bed, in your kitchen.  Do all you can today so that you have no regrets later.  Take a moment.  Give a moment.  Put your damned phone down.  You and yours are not immune or insulated from accidents, crime, or loss.

And then give as many hugs as your loved ones will allow.



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