SMA and the American Giving Awards

Nothing does more to advance SMA* research (and critical fundraising to pay for said research) like public awareness, and it’s an awards event next Saturday on NBC which can help our efforts tremendously.  This grant contest will culminate on December 8th on NBC in such a public way to hand out such an insane amount of money (one millllllion dollars).

I’m talking about the American Giving Awards, which air next weekend on NBC–this may as well be the super duper uber grand prize in the Chase Community Giving program.  The monthly Chase Community Giving grants have been an incredibly generous offering to charitable organizations in the U.S., and one of our most compelling, engaging SMA non-profits–the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation–was privileged to win one of these contests a couple of years ago!  But if winning the money was the cake, raising public awareness of SMA was the icing.  More on what I have to say about SMA here.

Supporting me, my children and the SMA community right now does not mean donating a dime–just a couple clicks on Facebook.  The Chase Community Giving contest lasts through next week, and a vote for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation could mean winning such a prize at such a large scale that it would provide iPads to 2,000 people affected by SMA. GSF’s one-of-a-kind Project Mariposa iPad grant programs accepts applications from anyone within the SMA community.  Each week they use donor money to purchase an iPad for a randomly chosen grant recipient!  The program was not designed or funded to be a long-term commitment, but with a grant like this it sure could be.

If you have ever witnessed someone with limited strength or communication abilities benefit from the touch screen technology of an iPad, or interact with some of the amazing apps which open a new world for people with limited abilities, you know what a gift of innovation this Apple product is.  If you are unfamiliar with just how life changing something which might be considered just a luxury electronics item can be for my kids, be enlightened here.

Please click here to learn more about GSF.  Click here to learn about their Project Mariposa iPad grant program.  And if you know someone affected by SMA, it’s easy to apply and have a chance at winning one!

Please click here to donate your one vote to GSF.  You get one vote, one time.  That’s it.  Make it count, and help us spread the word about SMA and the incredible efforts that the Strong family put forth via the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation!  As GSF and I like to say, NEVER GIVE UP!  Also?  Please vote!

 (me, nephew Luc, BFF Stacie)

*SMA = Spinal Muscular Atrophy


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