I Send Myself Packages…

I love packages. Although… I must admit… I’m spoiled. Packages arrive at least once a week at our house. Some of them I agreed to write about. Some of them arrive in hopes that I will write about them. And some of them… I order. (I’m an Amazon junkie and I need help.)

A few of weeks ago… I was emailed a $50 gift code for Shari’s Berries for a PR campaign. (Thanks!)  I asked Cass if she could think of any reason to send off a gift basket. Neither of us came up with anything better than a “Just Because” basket to a friend. And these are Shari’s Berries… they are much more deserving of delivery than “just because”. So… I sent them to myself! After all… it is my birthday on Saturday. (November 3rd… for those of you who may have needed a reminder! Hehe…)

I glanced through the online store… drooling. And immediately thought of my Allison and how it would be really awful of me to order a basket full of sugary treats that she could only enjoy in tiny portions. Diabetes sucks… Then I saw it. The Sugar Free Treat Basket. That settled it!

The code was easy to use and the delivery calendar was a breeze. Whoever designed the delivery calendar was a genius. Anywho… this was a Thursday and I picked Monday. No extra delivery charge. Awesome.

The basket arrived and I didn’t happen to be home. My sweet girls left it undisturbed until I arrived… despite the warnings printed on the box of perishable food items… haha. Nothing inside was harmed though! We tore into that basket and nearly enjoyed every morsel that very night. Allison loved the sugar free dark chocolate covered almonds. Rachel adored the chewy sugar free gummy bears. And we all learned that we LOVE pistachios. Who knew?

Why am I sharing this all with you? Because you needed to know how easy it was to order from Shari’s Berries. You also needed to know how fresh and delicious our basket was. And you needed know that it’s o.k. to send yourself packages… even if your birthday isn’t this weekend!

So… in conclusion… Special days (or any day) + Shari’s Berries gift baskets = YAY!