Itty Bitty Toy Parts

I have had it up to HERE with toys and games that have tiny pieces and parts.  Why Why WHY do toys have to have so many parts?  If I wanted my kids to play with something that has lots of little pieces, I’d send them to pebble boarder that lines the outside of our yard.  Or maybe give them a snack pack of stomped-on Teddy Grahams.

You wanna know why the kids’ playroom has been a hot mess for the last two years?  Because there are so many pieces and parts spread out to all four corners that it would take a forensics team to put everything back together.   It could be called (wait….for….it….) CSI Hasbro.  No no–CSI Melissa & Doug.  Maybe CSI Crayola?  Hold the phone, I think I’ve got it: CSI Game of Life Edition.

In any case, the children certainly couldn’t be expected to meticulously piece back together two years’ worth of a toy tornado in that room.  No no, that’s a job for Mom (which is why it never got done).  It’s long, annoying work to determine which Little People person goes with the house, the circus, or the castle.  And does that shoe belong to a Barbie or a Polly Pocket?  And what were the makers of Uno thinking by reimagining a perfectly fine card game into a farm themed nightmare with dozens of colored balls to keep track of?

But today I made some headway.   A place for everything and everything in it’s place–which mostly means lots of stuff in baggies and all the Orbees and Pixos are stored in the Shop-Vac tank.  Exactly where they belong.













And this photo was taken after I’d spent four hours in there.  Hey look–I can see some floor!

Any toy with more than two pieces should come with it’s own handler.  I am the mother of three young children, and I approve this message.  #toyreform2012


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