Play Ball!

I missed posting for this week’s Twin Tuesday, but I could not be more thrilled about the reason I missed it!  I want to share this with local folks in the Phoenix area in particular, but please know there’s a good chance that you have a place like this near you, too!

Our family enjoyed our first experience with the Miracle League tonight.  The is Dan Haren Field, a field entirely wheelchair friendly and the program is friendly to children with any delay or disability.  The idea is to allow non-typical children to experience baseball in a safe, fun, controlled environment where everyone plays to their abilities and everyone is a winner.  There is nothing not to love about this, you guys.

If you have a special-needs child and want to get involved, check this out.  Even if you have no special needs child, I suggest you try to attend just one game (admission is free) and then let me know if you grinned until it hurt, until your smile was plastered onto your face while you cheered for every single awesome kid up to bat.  Bonus points if you bring your able-bodied kiddos to watch with you, and let them witness and get excited and cheer for their differently-abled peers.

Lauren and Kyle (Kyle, especially) have always wanted to play baseball.  At home, we have pretend games where I pretend pitch from the kitchen and Kyle pretend bats from the living room, and then he pretends run in his feeding chair by waggling his legs and pumping his arms until I tell him to slide, and he throws his arms out to “slide” and the rest of us clap and high five him.  Those moments are priceless, but to get to see him actually playing the game on a real field with real teammates with a real ball?  I was too busy taking photos and cheering and jumping to ever sit down on the bleachers.

Our Miracle League of Arizona field has a ton of contributors, and I am loathe to ignore or exclude any of them.  See the photos below.  It takes a ton of dough–and compassion–to make a field like this run.  I find it extremely interesting to see who and what supports such good causes.  These be good people, folks.  Also some excerpts of our time there tonight.  Let it be known that Lauren’s new baseball player nickname is “Pinky”, and Kyle’s new nickname is “I don’t want a nickname, my name is Kyle Byrd”.


And a 6 minute window into the kiddos’ first foray into baseball:

Super, super fun for all of us.  Can’t wait to do it again next week!



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