Make A Wish Memories

My family kicked 2012 off in an awesome way–an amazing Disney World experience, courtesy of Make A Wish.  The trip was unbelievably awesome and we created some amazing, long-lasting memories.  We made a huge effort to take as many photos as possible on this trip because we knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Lauren (and the rest of us).  I shared our experiences here.

A close friend of mine happens to be not only Disney World’s biggest fan but also a devoted, generous, committed scrapper.  After Lauren’s Wish trip was over, I sent her hundreds of photos.  She sorted through them.  She networked.  She produced.

Oh.  Did she ever produce.

With the help of an amazing scrapbooking network–and a hefty budget, clearly–she recently surprised my children with three scrapbooks filled with amazing memories of our trip earlier this year.  The kids love to look at the photos.  But I can’t get over the attention and detail paid to every single page.  These are gorgeous books.  I have to share my favorite pages:


Merrick is a longtime friend.  She’s known me before even Facebook existed (yes!  that long!).  She’s good people and you should check out her blog.  While you’re at it, give a visit to Disney Scrappers, too.  Folks from Disney Scrappers donated pages and supplies for our scrapbooks–I’m indebted to them!  My kids only see photos on these pages, but I see blood, sweat, tears, generosity on all levels.  Thanks, ladies!  Merrick, your thoughtfulness and generosity can’t be matched.  Thank you so, so much.  ((hug))

I recorded the moments when the kids flipped through their scrapbooks for the first time.  Enjoy!

For those keeping score at home, Kyle’s Wish has been made but won’t occur until next year.  Not until the next Major League Baseball season, in fact.  Not to give anything away or anything.


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