Let the Punishment Fit the Crime


We found out seven minutes before the school bell rang this morning that my oldest kiddo didn’t do any of her math homework.  All week.  She even got up early this morning to play on the computer for an hour before school instead of remembering all that homework she didn’t do.

There were strongly worded communications suggesting intense disappointment in her behavior.  (Me.)

There were tears and excuses.  (Her.)

I had all day to think of appropriate punishment.  Then a certain gem from Gilbert & Sullivan (vis a vis Miss Inch in the 1961 production of The Parent Trap starring Haley Mills) (please tell me someone out there ‘gets’ that?) came to mind:  let the punishment fit the crime.







Thanks to the Internet I now have three dozen grade level-appropriate math worksheets printed out for her to complete this weekend.  No TV.  No computer.  No iPod.  Just some basic algebra, addition, subtraction, and word problems to entertain her.  All weekend.

Just punishment?  Dealt.

Lesson learned?  Pretty sure.

Teacher probably thinks I’m bad-ass now that she knows that I’m an awesome parent?  Doubtless.

Manipulate the experience into a blog post for your entertainment?  Okay, fine.


To print out easy, fun, and free worksheets for your own kids (for any reason, not necessarily as punishment), just Google “math worksheets 3rd grade” or “worksheets for 3rd grade”, etcetera.  I tinkered with a couple of different sites and found I liked the Soft Schools site.  Just see the menu of study areas along the left side.  Enjoy!


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