Let’s Craft Tissue Paper Flowers and Have a Giveaway Together!

I’ve been on a bit of a crafting kick lately…it’s hard not to be inspired to do something while I’m in the midst of planning an amazing crafty Spring Blog Hop over at Spellbinders (which kicks off on the 30th of April btw).

I’ve also been preparing to represent Spellbinders™ Paper Arts at a booth at the upcoming SNAP conference. We’ll be doing a “make and take” project and I’m going to share the instructions with you right here! Yay! It’s really easy… I promise! (And if you stick around to the end… I’m giving something away!)

Spellbinders Supplies:

  • S2-124 Classic Scalloped Circles die template
  • Spellbinders™ Grand Calibur®

Spellbinders Cross Promotional Partners:

I actually didn’t use any in today’s project… but you can get some beautiful ribbon from Creative Impressions!

Other Supplies:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Hole Punch

First Steps:

I placed my tissue paper stacks on the cutting plate and the dies on top of that… so that you can see what’s happening! Then… I covered the cutting plate with the base plate and ran my plates through the Grand Calibur. (If you don’t have a Grand Calibur… you can use Spellbinders dies in other machines! Here’s a compatibility chart) The Spellbinders die template will cut through roughly 15 sheets of tissue paper!

Next… I fold my finished cut circles in half and punch two holes in the center. Be sure that these holes are only half on the fold (see photo). Then I laced my ribbon through the holes. The ribbon will be used to tie my flower in my hair or around my wrist later! To create the flower… I started crunching up the tissue paper towards the middle one sheet at a time. the crunching starts small and gets bigger as I use more sheets.

Finally… I used my dangling ribbon to tie my flower onto my head like a headband! And that’s it! I told you it was easy! It’s going to be so fun sharing this simple, sweet craft with our friends at SNAP. I probably should also take this time to let you know that I wasn’t compensated for this post… unless you count my salary at work. I kind of am using this post as a test to see if my mad scientist skills work.

And now for the GIVEAWAY!

Normally… you’d read a summary of rules right here and I’d probably link you to some super official rules… but I don’t really have any. The only rule I have is that you help me test my giveaway form below. I’ll randomly chose a winner from the entrants! You can of course leave me comments of praise and adoration below… but those will not be contest entries. :) I’m giving away a set of Classic Scalloped Circles for you to make your very own tissue paper flowers! Thanks Spellbinders!

Please enter here: ENTRY FORM

Thanks so much for reading my tutorial and entering the contest! Stay tuned because Spellbinders™ Paper Arts will be having a Spring Blog Hop with more participating blogs and more chances to win amazing crafty prizes!

If you have any questions… feel free to contact me!


  1. Jess says:

    Yay! The form worked flawlessly for me. Love this idea…super fun and easy…you know, for tissue paper in your hair. ;D

    Have so much fun at SNAP! I’ll need a lunch date and stories when you get back.

  2. Your entry form worked perfectly! Your Tissue flower is adorable..I remember making these by hand years ago for a baby shower..love the idea of using the Spellbinder die to create them even more! Thank ou for the chance and have a blast at the SNAPConfernce!

    1. Patricia C says:

      The Form worked successfully for me too. Lots of love and adoration and so on and so on!!, lol. Cute flowers, reminds me of elementary school projects.

  3. The form was a winner, as is this adorable flower! So colorful….perfect for Cinco de Mayo.

  4. Kelly says:

    You guys are the best. I love your faces. I love your guts too. And I’m so happy the form works.

    PS I promise I’m not sending you any sort of mail. Only if you win!

  5. MargieH says:

    Hi, Kelly! Just popping in to wish you luck at the SNAP conference…wasn’t sure if I was going to talk to you tomorrow or not.

    FAB tutorial on this great MnT :)

  6. Terre Fry says:

    Great job Kelly, knock them dead with your amazing make n take you will do a great job after all you had a good teacher.Check this one off your list..can create tissue paper flowers oh what do I have in stored for you next. Have fun!

  7. libby says:

    luv the giveaway form – so simple – most sites are making giveaways sooooo complicated you give up – like the flowers remember making something like it in girl scouts