Easter, Taxes, and Clutter…

It certainly was an eclectic Easter weekend! You can bet your britches that we colored eggs, attended church, ate way too much food, and hunted for the elusive Easter eggs. But I also did something that I’m absolutely no good at… I organized my craft room!

Yes! I organized! Me! The queen of post-it notes and paper trails! I actually purchased stuff to file my papers in! Those of you who know me well… take a deep breath… I even sorted the paper. Don’t worry though… I didn’t fold any of it. (secret phobia)

Part of me even wants to do a step by step photo tutorial of my organization! (Cuz I’m an authority on that now) I was inspired by the editing work I did over the weekend for my day job. The theme for the week was Spring Cleaning and I looked around my office realizing that I needed a bit of that in my life.

What else happened on this amazing weekend? I did my taxes. It took me 3 hours… but I did it. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction when your taxes are done and sent off. I’ve even already gotten the happy text messages from the IRS that my tax returns have been accepted. Thanks IRS!

Tell me about your weekend. I’m nosey like that.


  1. Jess says:

    Sounds like quite the productive weekend, Missy! In the true nature of being the ultimate unpacking procrastinator, I weeded through some more boxes from the move…you know the one we did back at the beginning of March…ehem.

    Fed some friends without family in town for Easter dinner and laughed. Lots. It was such a great weekend!