Life’s Journey



It’s amazing where life takes us…

I know… I’ve been somewhat absent lately. My amazing friend, neighbor, and blog contributor, Cassandra Byrd, has done a fantastic job at writing her #TwinTuesday posts and then some. We’ll soon have Dave Stuart back on board for his Friday Dad Series, Under Siege. And I… well… I’ve been on a journey.

From teacher, to web copy writer, to traveling sales, to clothing designer, to boutique owner, to parenting blogger, to brand ambassador, to public speaker, to social media and branding consultant, to Director of Marketing at an agency, to Social Media and Community Developer… I’ve come a long way baby.

It’s not been easy. There were many pit falls along the way… family hardships, illnesses, moving… but the one constant thing has been my community. Through it all… my family, friends, and online community has always been there. Whether I write once a month or once a quarter. I couldn’t be more blessed with the community I’ve been given.

Ad here I am at 6:49AM… writing to this community before everyone wakes up for school and before I head off to my new job… letting you know where I am and how much I appreciate you all… both old friends and new.

There’s going to be a change. I’m going to write more. I want to write more. Yes… I am head down and focused at a job that I love… but I need to write. It’s cheaper than therapy and the results are instant :)

As far as content… many of you have been reading since my design days… I’m now learning to paper craft! And if you’ve been reading long… you know that I can’t stand to touch paper. So this is hilarious! Perhaps I’ll do some tutorials like I did back in the old days? Who knows… but I do know that I miss you and I want to be back on my own blog.

So… life’s journey has brought me back here… where I began. Life has yet to steer me wrong. Leave me a note to let me know you’re still here too and we’ll continue the journey together.




  1. Traveling a journey without a map takes courage and strength…you have done well, Kelly! :)

  2. Cass says:

    You should TOTALLY post crafty stuff now! And I know we miss your writing. Get to it, girl!

  3. Jess says:

    Glad to see you back ’round these parts. I’m lucky and blessed to have developed an offline friendship with you, that keeps me in touch with your journey (and, in some cases, along for the ride!).


  4. Kelly says:

    It’s like looking at the three musketeers… the three of you are my in the flesh offline friends… part of my core group. You have no idea how your comments flood my little heart with love! Thank you guys so much for being a part of my crazy life. xo