Can I Take Out a Loan on Those Teeth?


Rachel had four (4) teeth extracted yesterday. FOUR! 4! Omigosh… FOUR (4)!!!

It appears that she’s headed down the path of crooked teeth like her mom and apparently (according to the dentist)  crooked teeth aren’t en vogue.

The tooth fairy has been a frequent visitor in our house the last couple of years. With two girls, ages 6 and 7, the competition is fierce. Allison even yanked one of her own teeth out to receive a coveted tooth fairy visit. This is serious business.

And now Rachel has lost four teeth at once? At what… $5 a pop? I think I got a quarter. Maybe a dollar. I don’t remember. Clearly it made an impact on me…

So this morning… Rachel will wake up to $16. I averaged it out to $4 a tooth. And Allison will no doubt be wiggling all of her “loose” teeth and probably tying strings to skateboards. *Yes… that happened*




  1. MargieH says:

    OMGosh, $5 per tooth?! Is that the running rate for a loose tooth? OY! Good luck on the tooth relay! LOL! Have a wonderful day…OK, TRY to have a wonderful day…$16 short. xo