And It Hits You Like a Ton of Bricks…

I received a phone call yesterday morning from my friend Stephen… One of those “What’s going on with…” kind of calls. My response was typical “Uh. I don’t know. She hasn’t said anything new to me.” So… being the savvy social people we are… we open her blog.

My friend. My #WorldDomination #Bestie. My secret keeper. My travel buddy. My tweeting about nothing for hours soul sister… Has Cancer. Breast Cancer. I call her. I cry. She comforts me. This is all backwards. But that’s how we operate. I’m often told that I’m the human element and she is the one that turns the gears. She makes jokes and changes topics.

But I can’t shake it. The entire day was emotional for me. At work I say I’m just feeling overwhelmed. At home I say I’m just tired and having an emotional day. And I was. All of those things. But now in the morning… with a fresh look at things. It’s her and her reality.

Even living in different states… her in California and me in Arizona… I can’t imagine my life with out our phone calls. I can’t imagine not running off to some random city with her to speak geek to a crowd of techies. I can’t imagine not sharing a queen size bed in a seedy hotel because we’d rather spend our money out on the town. I can’t imagine not tweeting about #bacon #coffee and #chocolate in the same 140 characters…

I will hold her hand. I will be there if she needs me. I will smuggle in her favorite things into the hospital. I will still probably cry. It’s what I do. And she will manage to change the topic. I talked to her already this morning at 6:45 am (and it was 5:45 am in California) to ask if it’s ok to share her news. Brandie… you are blog worthy. You are loved. And this adventure may be more scary than that crappy hotel in Austin… but we’ll still *squee* over 3am french fries at the end of all of this.


Kelly @childhood


PS… if you’re on Twitter and you love all things tech, SoMe, and community like… follow Brandie @lttlewys


  1. Lois Creamer says:

    What a great post. Really makes you think. Who do you love that you haven’t touched base with recently? Who do you love that you haven’t told lately? What could you do for someone, without being asked, that would make their day.

  2. Nick Kellet says:

    Well said Kelly.

    The inversion happened to me too when I spoke to Brandie. In some ways that what real friends are for – to be there and let the person have what they need. Some people want us to listen. Brandie wants to get on and help you. Both work.

    Brandie never puts herself first. This really is a time when she needs to put herself first. I was amazed by her courage to blog like she did yesterday. and the flood of comments and support


  3. Ted Curtin says:

    Lois hit it with her comment!
    Kelly, Thanks for sharing this in a way that only someone as talented as you can! Heart-felt and inspiring!
    Here’s to 3am french fries next time we’re all together again in NY.
    ps. I’ll drive you – NO cabs!

  4. Sean Smith says:

    Talk about a reality check.

    I had been so caught up in my own Social Media business that I missed this. When I drop back into the stream, I see the post from Stephen taking me to Kelly’s blog….and I am floored. It’s only been a year since I connected with Bandie on Twitter, but her content always made me smile to the point where I felt I have known her for years. Her selflessness doesn’t surprise me.

    Time to go back to engaging my #usguys friends and spending time with my family. Thanks for bringing me back to reality, Kelly and Brandie.

  5. Anne says:

    Hold up! you guys really need to get fries at 3 AM Chicago style next time you in town :) Beautifully said Kelly, keeping yall in my thoughts.

    Everyone’s right about getting a reality check and remembering what’s important…but Brandie actually reminds us what else is important herself – her outlook and positive attitude!



  6. Kelly says:

    What a wonderful group of friends! xo

    Nick… I saw your comment on Brandie’s blog. You’re so right. “C” really does stand for community!

  7. I’m so sorry. You are in my thoughts. She is in my prayers. C does in fact stand for Community. XOXOXO

  8. PS: Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.
    -Margaret Shepherd

    Keep the Faith. xo