Printing Outside the Wires

Remember when you were a kid… and they told you not to color outside of the lines? I was one of those kids that would do as I was told… but find the opportune moment to scribble outside just for kicks. You know… push the boundaries… see what might happen. Nothing really happened. Looking back… it was pretty anti-climatic for such a rebel move. Ha.

Being one that likes to be on the forefront of new things… I’m thrilled to have been handed new technology. Did you know you can print wirelessly from your mobile phone to your home printer from wherever you are? Mmm Hmm. You can. ePrint by HP.

And besides being given this awesome printer by HP and MomTV… I’m thankful for this technology that kept me from looking like the lame mom who forgets school projects. On Thursday… Allison had to bring in an example of something beginning with the letter “A” to Kindergarten. I get a frantic call as I’m driving to work from Daddy. No worries! At the next light… I searched Google images for an alligator and saved the image to my phone. I opened the ePrint app… chose the alligator from my camera roll… and hit “print”. ePrint did the rest. Daddy was able to pull the photo from the printer and get it in her backpack in time for the bus. Uh. Maze. Ing.

I’m told by the people at HP and MomTV that these fab HP ePrint capable printers are available online from, as well as, inside Walmart stores. You can also go online at to learn more.

Happy Weekend Friends!