Like many this week, I’ve come up with a list of resolutions for 2012.  I realize that making commitments to myself in hopes of improving my health, sanity, and daily life is something that I should feel free to do any day of the year, but let’s face it–a new year brings with is reflection of the past year and hope for the next.  That said, you may be disappointed that my resolutions are probably identical to every other mothers’:

1.  Commit to staying active, and get my family out there with me.  With my three young children it’s common for one of them to be sick, but if everyone is in good enough shape to go to school and I have a few hours to myself, I make it a priority to get outside and do something three times per week.  The kids know that I run, or hike, or golf, but they don’t ever see it.  Time for a change!  As a mother, it doesn’t make oodles of sense for me to make the decision to be a role model for them and stay active if they don’t ever witness me doing those things.  From now on, I’ll be dragging them along!  Occasionally.  Well, minimum of once a month.  Until it gets hot in a few months, and then no way.  But mostly, absolutely going to stick to it.  Basically, this will happen at least once this year.

2.  Drink less.  Was it just me, or did the last few weeks of 2011 seem like it oozed with booze?  I’m all for a great party, stress relief, decompressing, and catching up with friends, but somehow it all added up and I need to dry out a little.  This resolution brought to you by my liver and my wallet.

3.  Read more.  Like, an actual book.  If you ask me what the last 5 things I read were (Twitter and Facebook excluded…), I would have to say magazine, magazine, blog, blog, blog.  This is ridiculous!  Interesting people read interesting books–not Entertainment Weekly and mental_floss!  Actually, that’s not true–I am proof that very interesting people read those.  But still, I love reading and  yes it can be a tough thing to find time for with three young children around, but it’s important to me.  It’s always been.  Plus, my laptop just broke and therefore it’s a lot harder to play Mafia Wars these days.  A book it is!  Got any good ones?

As I review my resolutions I can see that if all goes as planned, I’ll be a teetotaler mom reading a Debbie Macomber book on the elliptical.  So I have that going for me.


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  1. love all your resolutions, especially #3. It’s so important to read good books.