T-Mobile: Wrap It Up!

I’d like to start off by congratulating our winners of the T-Mobile MyTouch giveaway! Congratulations to numbers 6 and 7… Louis and Merrick! I’ve sent you notifications via email… if I don’t hear back in 3 days… I’ll choose new random winners!

While at our Phoenix #TMobileHolidays tweet-up… we learned that T-Mobile makes it easy to find just the right gift for everyone on our lists! Our location even had a FourSquare check-in savings special! Whether it’s chargers, cases, smart phones, or tablets… T-Mobile has it covered.

Looking for entertainment? The new T-Mobile SpringBoard comes preloaded with Netflix and Blockbuster! The HD screen with Superfine Pixel Density will allow your loved one to watch movies in crystal clear quality. Are you looking for something with more power? The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 offers 1Ghz processor and is 4G capable! T-Mobile is the largest provider of 4G service in the nation…

If it’s smart phones you’re after… we got to play around with the MyTouch and MyTouch Q. What’s the biggest difference? The MyTouch Q has a nifty slide out qwerty keyboard for those who like to text and still feel the buttons as opposed to texting on the touch screen. :)

I read online today that T-Mobile locations all over the country are having a two day shopping event on December 17-18. It’s a 4G super sale! Hurry in and check it out!

I’m not currently a T-Mobile customer… but I was quite impressed with their network and how friendly and knowledgeable the staff was. More than half of our Pheonix #TMobileHolidays attendees were current customers. It was made clear that T-Mobile cares about its small business customers. I was compensated to host the event and share information with my readers… and that’s what I’ve done. In the process… I’ve become quite enlightened myself. Thanks so much T-Mobile for sharing the holiday with us!



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