Twins? Say what?

Today is the fifth anniversary of finding out we were pregnant with twins. Most people would be shocked to find out they are pregnant with twins, yes.  But to say it rocked our world would be an understatement.  They’re four-and-a-half years old now, but I’m still not sure we completely believe that we have twins.  It’s still kind of unfathomable.

I will never forget the tense moments of my first ultrasound–it was my second pregnancy, but for a few reasons it was a high-risk one, even before anyone knew I had twins in here.  I was laying down and staring at the ultrasound image on a large screen up on the wall.  I can’t read an ultrasound for peanuts, but my eyes confused my brain because what it looked like up there was two wee little babies.  It was then that the ultrasound tech offhandedly asked, “So, do twins run in your family?”

Ten seconds later, there was a husband-shaped whole through the door.  Ha!  Just kidding!  Doors these days are really solid.  He couldn’t bust through the door in one try, so he just kicked his stool back and rolled all the way across the room until he hit a cabinet.  Or rather, I think that’s what he did–I’m not entirely sure, because all I could do was laugh laugh laugh LAUGH LAUGH OMG THE LAUGHTER.  I like this ultrasound tech!  She’s HILARIOUS!  giggle giggle snort snort, wipe tears away from my eyes and then HOLY CRAP SHE IS NOT KIDDING.  THOSE ARE TWO BABIES.  THEY ARE IN ME.  LIKE, RIGHT NOW.

She was serious as a heart attack.  Which might be what I had, who knows.

Six months later, he had my ears and she had his nose, and I threw up on them while I was holding them right after the nurses handed them up to me.  But then we lived happily ever after, so it’s cool.




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