TGI Black Friday!

Happy Friday!  One of the busiest shopping days of the year is soon upon us, as are the great deals on holiday gifts and sleep-deprived, manic shoppers who would likely shiv anyone who gets in the way between them and the last Ultimate Singing Dancing Cures Cancer Elmo doll.

By now, most of us are aware that in the United States, Black Friday ads get leaked every year.  It used to be that you had to wake up and go get the newspaper from the driveway before you could survey the deals for the following day, but now those ads are leaked online weeks in advance.  The TGI Black Friday app compiles all the sales in those ads, as they are leaked, and puts the information at your finger tips.

Yesterday, I found myself at a Toys R Us looking at some pretty decent deals on toys that are on my kids’ Christmas lists and couldn’t help but wonder how those sale prices compare to those planned for Black Friday next week.  So I punched up the app on my phone and my question was answered.  Available for iPhone and Android, it’s called TGI Black Friday and it’s the best thing since Negotiates World Peace Yo Gabba Gabba doll.  Seriously!  Go check it out!

Example:  My oldest wants a Barbie camper RV, which runs roughly $70.  Toys R Us was offering a free something-or-another with a $50 Barbie purchase, and the free item was worth around $25–unless I could save $50 on this Barbie camper if I waited until Black Friday.  So I launch the app, search “Barbie”, and scroll down a list of deals on Barbie at every store with a Black Friday ad.  I determined that nobody was going to have a better deal than what Toys R Us was offering at that moment, and therefore scored big with an extra-cool gift.

So go check it out!  You can always delete it from your phone after the holidays. How else will you know if you’re getting the best price on that Teddy Ruxpin abomination?

(I suggest this app because I used it and loved it and want to share.  I have no idea if anyone makes money on this app, and the developers are not aware that I love it so much or am telling you to download it.  And after you download it, if your phone crashes or your 401(k) loses a ton of money, it’s totally not my fault.  I just really dig it.  The end.)


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