My New Fatherhood

Note from the Editor: It’s Friday and I’ve clearly not been writing enough this week… or last! But thankfully… the dads have come through AGAIN. This week, we have John from The Daddy Yo Blog. You can also follow him on Twitter @TheDaddyYoDude. John’s wife is going off to work and he is now becoming a stay-at-home dad. Read on and be sure to leave him a note of encouragement. Oh and… you can purchase the slogan on the left from Spreadshirt. xo-Kelly

It never ceases to amaze me at how my own role as a dad is always changing. As my children grow up and become more individual, more independent, and wiser, I have to learn to adapt my fatherhood to it. I can’t keep parenting in the same fashions when my children and my life change so much.

This week, I had to completely change how I parent. Not because something extremely drastic happened, but because the overall caretaking roles have changed in our house. As my wife started her new job this week, I started a completely different book in my life as a dad. This week, I became the primary caregiver of our children. Instead of being at work for 50 hours a week, I am washing dishes, cleaning house, and taking care of all of the child raising duties that my wife has had for over four years now.

I will admit, without hesitation, that I am still just as nervous as I am excited. This is uncharted territory for me. It is a land that has only been traversed by my wife. It is territory that is a minefield to be walking in. At least for me, I know I can navigate around and adjust quickly to the changes. My main fear is how my children will react.

The second day of my at-home parenthood proved to be everything that dreams are not made of for a working dad who just dropped all but 2 days of his job. It was not cleaning, followed by playtime, followed by nap, followed by more play, crafts, snacks, and watching TV. No, it was a day full of “don’t touch that” and “If you hit your brother one more time…” and the all time favorite “If you don’t stop you will be going to bed early”. Then the words “I want my mommy” started pouring from their pouting lips.

It was that moment that made me realize that this was more than just a shift in work/home habits, routines, and responsibilities. This is a new fatherhood for me. This is a new way of doing things. It’s a new way of thinking. It’s a completely different life now. I’m not the full time, always gone, always tired, working dad anymore. This is a whole new way of living. Time to change the gears, make a u-turn, and prepare for a completely different life. This, is my new fatherhood.


  1. Kelly says:

    I adore this post! You’re going to be great. I have no doubt. It’s not easy staying on top of the mess and cooking and the mess again… but it’s rewarding in it’s own way. So congrats and here’s to a new chapter. xo

    1. Thanks Kelly! Cheers!

  2. Jeff says:

    It can be totally maddening but the worst day at home is still better than any day at a “real” job. Enjoy your time at home with the kiddos!

    1. So SO true! Just don’t tell my boss man I said that!