Conversation at my house:

4 year old boy:  I’m touching my poop.

Me:  That’s not poop.  That’s your penis.  You’re touching your penis.  That’s fine.

4 year old boy:  Oh.  Will you touch my poop?

Me:  Your penis?

4 year old boy:  Yes.

Me:  (blowing this all off)  Nah.  I just want to change your diaper.

4 year old boy:  My poop tickles.

Me:  You mean your penis.

4 year old boy:  My penis tickles.

Me:  ::manically trying to figure out how to include this dialogue into a blog post::


And now you know what I do when I’m busy not blogging.


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  1. Kelly says:

    lololololol…. i just read this… LOL