Cinderella v. the Giant Scary Flying Bug

Such a fun, bittersweet day at the Byrd House.

The twins are sick.  Much of the time, they can catch a bug and it means a couple of days of downtime and some overtime for our Cough Assist (it expels their secretions for them, because they don’t have the muscle tone to do it themselves), SVN (nebulizer), and home suction machine.  But this time is different.  The twins have been congested and cough-y for well over a week.  It’s still manageable, thanks to a considerate pulmonologist and his always-fabulous nurse who called in prescriptions for us, but it sucks that the twins are sick today.  Why?

Today was Lauren’s big Make A Wish presentation.  The girl is obsessed with all things Mickey Mouse/Disney Princess/Winnie the Pooh, so a few months ago she told them she wants to go to Disney World.  I knew a few weeks ago that her Wish would be granted, but I kept quiet until tonight.  Her pulse oximeter and oxygen were hidden away in her room when they got here.

The fine ladies from Make A Wish presented Lauren with a personal note from Cinderella welcoming her to Disney World and explaining that she and Daisy Duck (Lauren’s other, somewhat plush but equally significant best friend) can’t wait to meet her in January.  Lauren exhibited exactly the levels of glee I expected—thrilled to see the special scroll with Cinderella’s message, impressed with the Cinderella costume she opened from their gift bag, minded her manners to thank them over and over, but entirely  consumed with desire to go outside to blow the Disney Princess bubbles which came with it.

Her Disney trip won’t happen for four more months.  Clearly, at age four, she doesn’t have a real concept of time, but holy cow when it’s time to get on that plane?  Nobody likes sitting anywhere near a little kid on a flight, but if you’re lucky enough to nab a seat next to Lauren, you will never know a happier three hours and fifty six minutes (I made that time up, but it sounds right).

All of us get to go with Lauren on her Make A Wish trip, of course—including her twin brother, who hasn’t decided yet what his Wish will be.  He has fourteen more years to decide his own Wish.  But many in-advance thanks to anyone who has ever contributed dollars, air miles, or awareness to such a critical cause.

I promise to keep her healthy enough to make this trip in four months if you all promise to keep donating, tweeting, caring, or otherwise supporting this amazing organization.  The story of how Make A Wish came to be is inspiring, yet heart breaking.  Read about it here.

So, as soon as the Make A Wish staff left, I let the kids enjoy the nice weather and blow those Disney Princess-y bubbles outside.  I was mulling around here and there–picking up around the grill, checking voicemail, demonstrating a cool putt-return doohickey for them when a giant VW-sized flying beetle landed on Lauren’s head, and then her arm, and then her foot and that my friends is what she remembers from this day.

Cinderella, you have quite a scary/hysterical crying memory to overcome and/or compete with…


The Make A Wish Foundation can be found at, or @MakeAWish or @MakeAWishAZ.

Cassandra can be found on Twitter @aclevergirl.  Learn more about her family’s unique challenges and why they have hope for a cure for muscular dystrophy at Byrds for a Cure.


  1. debi9kids says:

    That is awesome that Lauren’s wish is being granted already! (and that she knew what she wanted)
    hope they both feel better soon!

    1. Cass says:

      Thanks, Debi! Indeed they are finally feeling better. She finally made it to school at the end of last week, and Kyle will join her tomorrow. Here’s hoping this is the last bout of The Crud they have to endure for the rest of the year!