Yin and Yang, I Tell Ya! (part 2)

Last week, Baby A had her g-tube surgery.  (G-tube is short for gastrostomy tube–a hole in her tummy leading to her stomach, so that I can plug in a tube and feed her Pediasure at my whim.)  Baby B had this same surgery three months ago, so I knew what to expect in terms of the kiddo’s discomfort and how recovery goes.

Well.  So much for thinking I knew what I was doing.  Baby B is a (well, not to mince words) constant complainer.  He’s a bit whiny and dramatic on a good day.  After his g-tube surgery, he was a little whimpery (this was major surgery, under general anesthesia, for crying out loud), but he sacked up and got his Man Card.  He begged to eat the second he awoke from surgery, and he never required anything more than Motrin for pain.

Baby B, however, is very sensitive.  She is such a joy and is so light-hearted.  She complains about nothing, ever.  She had her g-tube surgery last week.  She woke up confused, and I took her bewilderment very personally–I was the one to assure her that everything would be okay, but she woke up and I wasn’t there (yet) and she was in such pain.  I gave our nurses strict instructions to stay on top of her pain management, which meant morphine every two hours.  The morphine made the kiddo sick, though.  So we stopped the morphine (when we finally did some root cause analysis and made the connection between the narcotics and her upset tummy) and dropped her down to Oxycontin (she is FOUR!  they let four year olds take hydrocodone!).  And she threw up for two days after that.  She threw up in the car.  She threw up in Safeway.  She threw up in her wheelchair.  The girl who can’t stand to even have sugar from a snickerdoodle cookie on her hands drove home with bile on them.  I don’t mean to gross you out, but it was just so sad.

So there we have it–my boy who pretty much cries wolf was a piece of cake.  My girl, who had the same procedure and who is sweeter than a honeybee’s bum, was incredibly difficult.

Nothing can be the same.  These two kids can never seem to make things easy for us. I just wish they didn’t need any of these procedures.  I hate it all.  It’s easier if they take it in stride, like my little trooper Kyle did this time.  But when sweet Lauren is suffering, I suggest the entire world pause and let’s help her feel better.  Yes?  I think so.


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