Happy 7th Birthday Rachel!


Today you turn 7. Each year that goes by… you share with us something new that makes you uniquely you. You laugh is infectious. Your smile so sweet. Your dark eyes… so brown they’re almost black… shine with a happiness that everyone should know.

There was a time you were fearful to try new things… like swimming or riding your bike without the training wheels… but lately… you seem fearless. You take on challenges with a reckless abandonment that tests even me! Your favorite gift this year? A skateboard. Thankfully, it comes with pads and a helmet.

I hope you ride that skateboard til the wheels fall off and you ask for another. And another. I want your thirst for adventure to continue to grow. My sweet, fair, kind Rachel. Watching you become who you’ll eventually be is the most amazing experience of my life. I will be there for you and help to guide you in the best way that I can. I will keep you safe as you navigate through this world because I love you Rachel. And I always will.