Gushing and Giggling

While spending four days sharing, networking, and in general trying to avoid debauchery last weekend at BlogHer ’11, it occurred to me that I may not have the bandwidth to have a meaningful post ready for Twin Tuesday this week.  It was a wise idea to beg someone to guest post for me, as I still haven’t decompressed, unpacked, and have just barely sobered up.  Dave, another parent of twins who spent the weekend not in San Diego using up all of his drink tickets and that of his roommate’s, was ready to jump in for me this week.  Thanks, Dave!


I’m rather self indulgent when it comes to my kids. I find myself gushing, often just to myself as I watch them quietly from a distance, about how funny they are, how cute they are or maybe how clever they are. They are definitely those things and more, but doesn’t everyone feel that way about their kids?  When writing these short pieces about them, or about anything related to being their parent, really, I feel like I should preface it with an apology, in advance, because I’m about to, for a little bit at least, become that guy who opens his wallet and out pops a long series of pictures: “Here’s one of Emma making a goofy face, and here’s one of her twin sister Maddie making the ‘I’m making a poopy’ face…aren’t they adorable?” Just because I feel that need to apologize doesn’t mean they can’t compete with anyone’s kids in a contest of cute and charm…. Where their real powers lie, however, is not in the charm or the cuteness areas, rather, it’s in their powers of being “wildly energetic” and “surprisingly sarcastic”.  I was reminded of these things a couple of times earlier this evening. This just brought to the front of my mind just how lucky I am, as the father of 3 little girls (Sydney, 5, and twins Emma and Maddie, 18 days shy of 2 years)..and just how much trouble I may be in when they’re teenagers.

Earlier this evening, we took the girl to the gym with us. We’re members at a local YMCA, which has this amazing KidCare center that the girls love to go spend some time playing in. I had one of those moments tonight, where I was involved in pursuit of one of the girls, Emma, who is by far the craziest of our 3 girls. As we walked in to claim the girls and head home after our work out, Emma saw me coming. The attendants who run the KidCare center said at that moment, “your girls are very…um…energetic.”

We hear that a lot, as well as how they smile almost constantly, and how they’re little flirty charmers. They are that, each in varying degrees. But energy is in no shortage. So, as I walked in, Emma spots me, and runs to the furthest part of the center…pivots, and give me the “You’re gonna have to catch me!” look. The chase was on…I chased her around the pool table…she giggled. I chased her around the art table, she giggled at me again….I chased her around the bookshelf that holds all the board games….she giggled and ran again. Maddie, who by this time was holding her big sisters hand and was making her way toward the door out, when I glanced at her and said “Hi Mads”, she quickly shot back a “Hi Daddy” and then sweetly giggled, knowing I was hunting down her sister. That in itself caused me to stop for a moment in realization of how lucky I am to have such bright, strong-willed and fiery little girls that are filled with all this light…and giggles. I think, maybe, a little bit of that came from me, but mostly it comes from their mother.  I, however, am confident that these little sarcastic looks Emma gives me are from me and nobody else…she shoots me these giggly-eyed, eye-brow cocked looks as she runs around the table, making certain to stay just out of arms reach form me until I finally, surprisingly, corner her by the climbing wall. When she realized that the chase was over, and I’d caught her, as I picked her up, she threw her arms around my neck and, you guessed it, giggled.

I just think back to a moment during the chase, just after Maddie laughed at my pursuit of her twin, I looked over at Emma, about 12 feet away from me, on the other side of a table surrounded by kids and crayons, Emma gave me a look that just said without the words “Your move, Daddy”.

That wry sense of humor that my kids have is one of my favorite things about them.

Love that so much!

Opps! There ya go. You caught me gushing. See, I told you…. Sorry about that. I’m pretty sure the twins would be rolling their eyes at this fact, if they knew what it was.

So, what makes you gush about your kids?


  1. Jacque says:

    Their smiles and giggles of course! Their imaginations as I hear them play. The way my oldest tries to explain things to her little brother when he asks her a question. I love that my oldest calls my son ‘Brother’ and my son calls his big sister ‘Sister’. They way they love their baby sister. I am pretty sure I could go on and on. :)