Yin and Yang, I Tell Ya! (part 1)

Note:  I included “part 1” in the title because I expect a virtual cornucopia of yin/yang posts about my twins as time goes on.  Rather than lead you to believe this is the only post of this sort I decided to mislead you in believing that there will be more soon.  They will come!  These things take time, you know.  Sometimes my kids save up their cute for a long, long, long while before it bursts forth into some blog-worthy yin/yang “hey, we’re not identical!” way.  I make no promises usually, but there will be more.  Your own stories and examples of your twins–or any of your kids, multiples or not–are welcome in the comment section below.


Over the last few (very busy) weeks, I have noted some amusing ways that my newly four-year olds are completely opposite. Sure, being boy/girl twins already prepares you for them to be opposite in some obvious ways, but personality-wise they tend to be more similar than not–they spend a LOT of time together.

One example is bath time. Girl twin BEGS for baths. Even at age four, they don’t necessarily get a bath every day–but this girl would enjoy two or three baths per day if I believed all her begging for them.  When I eventually give in and fill the tub up with warm water (which doesn’t grow on trees, you know), she barely lasts five minutes and wants out. Boy twin, on the other hand, pleads with tear-soaked inch-long eyelashes for “No bath, Momma! No bath!”, but when he finally is subjected to this medieval torture device we call a “functioning bathtub”, he could soak in it for hours. HOURS!


A fly escaped into the house the other day. We don’t have a lot of flies in Arizona, so this doesn’t happen to us often. I was first alerted to the presence of said monster when Lauren whizzed by me at 5.2 mph screaming, “Fly! The fly! The fly is chasing me! Shoo fly! Momma, make the fly go away!” She even cried real tears, as she circuited the house over and over to escape what could only be a carrier of the Black Plague Ebola Bieber Fever Hanta Virus.  As I contemplated how to best harness my patience and explain to the child that she has a lot of harmless flies left to encounter in her life and she would be best served by just getting over it, the boy caught my attention. He was sitting in his high chair, holding his finger out. He squeaked out, “Mommy! Look at my friend! The Fly!” The fly was perched on his finger. Aww. That is sooo cute! A lonely boy becomes fast friends with pretty much the most disgusting, germ-infested, horse crap-loving insect on earth–a story destined for Disney. And it terrorizes his sister just by existing! ….Oh, okay. I get it now.  My boy, the fly is not your friend, regardless of how unfriendly it is toward your pesty sister.

Why are boys so gross?  Just, eww.


Last week, I promised two posts this week.  The second post is a doozy, and one which requires more of my attention than usual.  It will be up today before midnight.  Til then, happy #TwinTuesday!


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