I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Your… Jockeys

I’m about to share too much information with you. If you’re easily embarrassed by the words like “undies”… then you should stop reading now.

I’ve gotten some new undies. And a couple of new t-shirts too. Jason even got some fancy, boy undies and t-shirts. I’m going to tell you all about them… because if you’re active… like we are… you’ll want some too. And even if you aren’t active but you happen to live in a hotter-than-Hades area… you’ll also want some.

What sort of undies and t-shirts am I talking about? They’re Jockey. Jockey staycool… to be exact. The Jockey staycool technology was actually first developed for astronauts! That’s right…  my new undies are out of this world! Ok… that was cheesy. Let me continue…

The Jockey staycool collection allows your skin to feel up to 3* cooler. That may not sound like alot… but when it’s 110* outside… that’s a big deal. Consider this… as a family in Arizona that bikes, hikes, and goes to the gym collectively… Being a few degrees cooler is fantastic!

I have an off white Jockey staycool tank top that I’ve been using as an undershirt this summer. It’s been a lifesaver… particularly in one case where I was on television. I even sent a twitpic from the studio showing my tank top peeking out from under my wide boat neck shirt. (I’m not a fan of bra straps… tank tops make it all better). I also have a black, short sleeve, shirt from Jockey staycool. It’s replaced my coveted (yet now worn and see thru) black tee from VS.

The men have amazing choices as well. Jason is a frequent runner and has been making great use of his staycool tees. Besides running… he’s a painter and uses them as undershirts as well! Talk about double duty! The men’s undies come in a variety of cuts… his favorite happens to be the boxer-briefs.

Now that I’ve shared with you all about my amazing undies… I want to give you the opportunity to go out and get some of your own! The first 10 people to tweet @Jockey with their favorite staycool activity and tag @childhood in it OR Write on the Jockey FaceBook wall and tag Kelly Loubet in it… will get a special shopping code. Be sure to leave a comment here too in case I miss it!

Example: My favorite @Jockey #staycool activity is jogging! cc: @childhood

Happy Tweeting!



  1. Jacque says:

    These tanks sound amazing!!

    1. Jacque says:

      Oh! and I went to the Jockey FB page and tagged you on it. I put Kelly Loubet sent me! :)

  2. At least now we know you’re wearing undies! Not like *some* celebrities. I’ll have to check these out. I got a pair of fancy panties from Jockey at Blissdom but I’m not sure they’re this cool. Get it? Cool?
    Thanks for sharing about these new products. I’ve seen them for guys but it’s nice to know us ladies can keep ourselves fresh too.


  3. Carissa says:

    Oh I LOVE Sara’s comment! Too funny!

    Jockey has been a part of our family forever! My MIL turned me on to them and I have never looked back :) Thanks for sharing about new products, maybe I should check out more than just the same ones every time!

  4. Cheryl says:

    It was 100 degrees here yesterday and we lost power….um…i could have used these then! totally buying!

  5. Kelly says:

    I’ve got your codes! Look for an email from me! – K