A Story of Growth in the Blogosphere

I’ve never been so flattered… really. I’m completely humbled by a video that’s come out about me from IFV News. I did a simple interview in New York City at an event not too long ago and it’s turned into this completely amazing video that displays my career from start to now.

One new addition… In the video I talk about monetizing the blog without ad space, by doing paid posts and such. However, I do currently have 2 very special ads on my blog in support of the monthly events I’ve been hosting with Scottsdale Moms Blog. Without community supporters like Cold Stone Creamery and giggle… these events would be very difficult to put on. Attendees don’t pay a dime to enjoy Mom’s Night Out. So thank you… sponsors, community, and IFV for supporting me as move on to make a difference in the social space.

I couldn’t find an embed code… so here is the link: http://www.ifvnews.com/video/ifv-news-kelly-loubet-of-social2b-and-everyday-childhood-lou-bortone-of-online-videopolis-social-media-marketing-and-more


  1. Ellen says:

    This was awesome to watch, and inspiring to see how using what God gave you, and having tenacity and faith to keep smiling through the challenges. You have made a wonderful niche for your unique talents in social media, Proud of you, and so very proud to be your friend! :-)

  2. Kelly Loubet says:

    Ellen! Thanks so much my friend! I’m truly blessed to have such a supportive community!