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My Most Used Words in Social Media

I’m both pleased and humbled to see that my most used words in social media are Thanks, Love, RT (which is sharing content), Happy, Good, Great, XO… Happy Social Media Day! #smdayphx

Twin Tuesday Fail!

After a week of a sick kid, a broken wheelchair, umpteen doctor’s appointments and a weekend of birthday parties, I have no Twin Tuesday posting this week. I will make up for it with two posts next Tuesday, scout’s honor!

You Can’t Have Too Many Pockets

Under Siege: The Adventures of a Stay at Home Dad
or “You can never have too many pockets”

Note from the Editor: This weekend I am at the Type A Parenting Conference. Iran through Dave’s post as I was jamming a bagel in my face and drinking OJ this morning…. you see… last night was the first sleep I had gotten in 36 hours or so because of an overnight flight. But that’s another story. Dave’s story, on the other hand, has real value and it’s funny… so read, enjoy, and comment! xo -Kel

In this space, a few weeks ago, I made a casual joke about how I was going to write about all the exciting points of perfection that is Cargo Shorts. It was really a joke, based on fact, because I do love cargo shorts. But it was just a joke, nonetheless.

Since I made that joke, though, I’ve gotten so much feedback from friends regarding their opinions about them, the cargo short. Some love them, some hate them…a few actually really hated them. But then there were a couple of friends that professed a deep love for them. I, myself, fall into this latter group. I think they’re the best invention since… I love them for their capacity to make life a little simpler in chaotic times….

Today, I took my twins, Emma & Maddie (22months) to a nearby mall. As with any trip we take, anywhere, with the twins, keeping things simple is the best way to go. Even going simple though, there’s still a bunch of things that have to be handy. Typically, I carry keys, wallet and phone, in my pockets, but today saw a lot more than that. Here’s the inventory:

1 pair of car/house keys

1 cell phone

1 wallet

1 pair of sunglasses

2 pairs of toddler-sized girlie sandles

2 pacifiers

…and at one point during the day, I was also, in addition to those things, carrying :

2 empty sippy cups

1 diaper

1 small case of wipes

Reading back over this list, it seems like it could be far-fetched. I assure you that this was no exaggeration. These are some magic shorts, baby.

Even with all of these things in the pockets of my shorts, I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping them organized, along the way…so much so that when the twins are walking with me through the mall, they will often times, reach into the pocket that their binky’s are in and pull ‘em right out.

They just make life and travels so much easier.

Yes, they may not be the most attractive piece of men’s clothing…but they’re better than cargo pants, especially in this Arizona heat

Just a few of the reasons why I love my cargo shorts.

Wordless Wednesday: #StrikeOutCancer

I’m actually playing in the City of Hope Softball Challenge. Let’s go Team Research!

Things that make it frustrating to be a parent of twins (exhibit a)

When I search Google or Twitter for any information on twins, my results consist of:

Minnesota Twins
“Twins”, starring Arnold Shwarzenegger and Danny Devito
Minnesota Twins
actual information regarding parenting multiples
Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Twins
hey! My own blog post on having boy/girl twins from earlier this year!
Minnesota Twins
The Jolie-Pitt twins
actual information regarding parenting multiples
Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Twins
Jennifer Lopez’s twins
Lisa Marie Presley’s twins
Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Twins
actual information regarding parenting multiples
Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Twins

Anyway, so now you know just what it’s like to be the parent of twins, online.

Always Jacked About Fatherhood

Note from the Editor: I’m sharing with you an excerpt from @AlanKercinik‘s blog Always Jacked. You can find the link to the complete post at the end of this excerpt. Happy reading! -Kelly

A kerfuffle has kerfuffled among my fellow male bloggers because ‘they’ are trying to determine the greatest Dad bloggers in the universe.

(Curious about ‘them’? Ron Mattocks over at Clark Kent’s Lunchbox took a pretty good look and came up with his own blogger rating system that would put Netflix’s recommendation algorithm to shame. Or at least reduce it to fits of spastic giggling.)

The whole thing is a waste of time. For one, you, my faithful, loved readers, already know who the greatest Dad blogger in the universe is, right? Right?

*taps microphone* *looks around* (I audibly answered Alan! -Kelly)

Ranking something is one of the easiest ways to cause an argument. Take movies. For every impassioned fan of Howard the Duck who says that it is the greatest movie of all time (my wife), there are people who will say that movie is beyond terrible (me).

But here’s the thing. As more parents become their own media outlet, what kind of impact does worrying about our place on lists like these have on our kids? Continue reading Alan’s post HERE.