Working Class Pride and Joy

*Note from the Editor: This week, we welcome John, from The Daddy Yo Blog! I love this post… it hits home on so many levels. In this post, John talks about why he works day in and day out… living paycheck to paycheck for his family. I’m touched… let him know you were too.

I have never been a white collar worker. Well, maybe when I manage instead of cook at work, but that is the extent of it. I don’t have a college degree and no formal job training that would place me in a Monday through Friday, 9-5 job. I have been a cook, gas station clerk, a car detailer, and a production laborer in a manufacturing plant. While I may not have the greatest job in the world, I do have something that makes any job worth doing. They are pride and joy, or as I call them, Little Man and Little Girl.

The paycheck to paycheck life is not always an easy one. In fact, it sucks most of the time to be honest. There are weeks when working anything less than 50 hours could put a serious hurt on bill paying and weeks where you don’t even want to see the pay stub. Yet, week after week, I am there. Shift after shift and hour after our I am there. Why? Because I know no other way than this. I have a family that needs my support, and I am called to support them in any way I can. My pride and joy deserve for me to put pride and joy into everything I do.

There are many parents out there just like me. We work those jobs that we can because it is our calling to do whatever is necessary to support our families. While we may dream of better days to come, we are still prideful in what we do. From answering telephones, to scrubbing floors, no job is too small when it helps ensure things your family needs. We don’t have to love our jobs, but we are to put all we have in to them.

Maintaining a balance between work and home is a very delicate process. Some weeks I may go 3 days without seeing my kids for more than 5 minutes at a time. Sometimes, I don’t even see them awake during the course of the day. It hurts. I have cried at work just because of this. But I swallowed my tears and got the job done. It is my job to be a dad first. My paying job just happens to fall in the bylines of what being a dad calls me to be.

To the countless parents who are out there doing what they have to do, I want you to know you are not alone. You should not be ashamed of any job that supports your family, no matter how small the world will make it feel. Take pride in your job as you take pride in why you do it. The joy of happy, healthy children, far overpower the joys of a $100k paycheck. Glasses high in the air to parents everywhere who know that it just takes a strong conviction to your parental calling to press on through anything.