Wordless Tuesday

Because I don’t have many words these days, and Tuesday is my assigned day to contribute something around here.  Now see, that’s too many words already. I have a hard time with rules. And young ‘uns hospitalized with pneumonia.


  1. It really depends on the store. Bashas has the best store brands in my opinion. I like to shop there to support out only home town market.

  2. Kelly Loubet says:

    Odd how Donna’s store brand comments came here… but anyway… I love your words. Be as wordy as you’d like. Anytime. I *heart* you and I miss you guys. Get well Kyle and come home soon!

  3. Woz says:

    Oh I hope your little munchkin gets well soon so he can be at home laughing and playing and making you smile like I’m sure he does!

  4. Sara Hawkins says:


    I send get well wishes for your litte one and much love to you and your family as you once again face challenge. Evidently this kind of stuff hasn’t gotten the message that you may walk softly but you carry a big stick. A hockey stick! And you’ll beat this sickness back with a backhanded slapshop with enough time to spare.

    My best to you,

  5. Cass says:

    How am I just now seeing these comments? Thank you, ladies. It was a rough week, but Phoenix Children’s made it as comfortable as possible and now we’re home and healthy and happy. Kids are unpredictable like that. ((hugs))