The Goodies, The Badies, and The Dirties…

A stomach virus is going around Allison’s Pre-K classroom. An email arrived warning all the parents before we brought our kids for the afternoon session. I decided that I’m o.k. with a stomach virus going around and dropped her off as usual. As we arrive at the gate… another mom walks up and says that her son has been complaining about not feeling well since the email came through and she’s decided last minute to keep him home.

Good I thought… keeping our children home when we feel that they might be sick is a great step in preventing further sickness. In addition to that… we should be teaching our kids to wash their hands frequently. I don’t know about you… but Allison has her finger in her nose (and subsequently her mouth) several times a day. She sneezes, coughs, plays in the dirt, climbs on the play equipment at the park, reads books at the public library and uses the public restroom. Hand washing is by far our most important practice!

I’m not a germ freak by any means. When the girls were babies… if a pacifier got dropped on the floor… I dusted it off and gave it back, noses were wiped with my tee shirt, and the 5 second rule always applied. Germs in moderation are ok. They help build immunity from what I understand. (I’m not a doctor… I just play one on my blog) But in order to really fend off sickness… It’s really important that we’re teaching our kids about proper hand washing techniques. It only takes a mere 20 seconds with soap and water to produce clean hands and ward off germs and sickness!

What’s the grossest thing you’ve done in relationship to kids and germs? I’ve sucked the dirt off of a pacifier in the dugout during a softball game before… Your turn! Spill it!

*Note: I’ve shared this anecdote about my nose-picking child and our hand washing habits on my own accord. I think it’s kind of funny. I was however compensated to share the Softsoap “Pump the Pump” video with you. And now that catchy little tune is stuck in your head. My mission is complete.


  1. Jacque says:

    I have also done the sucking of the pacifier after it fell. I just noticed while shopping for our new baby they now have ‘pacifier wipes’. What will they think of next!? Maybe we grossed out someone and they thought ‘we need to make wipes for those women.’ :)

  2. Kelly says:

    HAHAHA! That’s awesome! You’re probably right… someone saw us sucking a pacifier clean and got grossed out and invented the wipes. This makes me laugh thinking about it…

  3. Hi Kelly!

    I’m a neat-freak, germ-o-phobe, but I’ve had to relax a bit for fear of becoming OCD about it. I mean, really, I think it was more like a 5 minute rule when I was a kid!

    I don’t even know what my “ick-isode” would be because I’m blocking it so I don’t make myself ill or freaked out. Most likely it has something to do with cycling because when I was riding more regularly and my nose would run I’d just have to blow it and wipe it on my jersey. Luckily I rode alone!

    Now, to go wash my hands with regular soap. See, even though I’m a germophobe I don’t like or use anti-bac soap. I’m all for killing the germs but I’m not for killing everything and growing super-germs.

    ~ Sara